Web 2.0:

Syndicating to Enhance Learning

Ray Schroeder, director, UIS office of technology-enhanced learning


What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 in Education


  • weB + LOG = Blog
  • New blog created every second
  • Many students arrive on campus having already blogged themselves - certainly have read blogs
  • I began to use blogs to deliver readings (for critiques) to my students... and now I reach a much, much larger audience - a model that you can adapt to your discipline and situation
  • Online Learning Update Blog 
  • Began in 2001 - now nearly 7,000 postings later..... unexpected outcomes
  • Search in Google for the term online learning (#2)
  • Where are the people who visit the blog - in the last day (mashup - another Web 2,0 example)
  • But even more people visit via RSS (another definition of  RSS)
  • FeedBurner - free service that provides formatted RSS 2.0 and other services
  • Last 25 hits on the RSS feed for OLU (this link will only work for the owner of the feed)
  • Last 30 days of the RSS feed - hits and most popular items (link only for the owner of the feed)
  • Email subscriptions to the RSS feed - to receive email notification (link only for the owner of the feed)
  • Other colleges and universities  that re-publish the syndicated blog (and widget example)

Educational Technology Blog

Techno-News Blog

Blogs in Education


  • Definition of Wiki from the biggest of them all!  Wikipedia

Google Documents and Spreadsheets

  • Disrupting the way we do office applications
  • Integrated, shared, collaborative, real-time interactions
  • Though not officially a wiki, Google Documents and Spreadsheets provides a most useful Web 2.0 higher ed collaborative workspace
  • Faculty collaborations, student collaborations, project review committees, peer-reviews
  • Coming this summer after acquisition of Tonic Systems: Powerpoint-like tool


  • Podcasting - while derived from iPods - does NOT require an iPod at all!
  • Began as audio (and video) blogging - with associated RSS feed
  • iTunes U - hundreds of colleges and universities participate - students across the country have demanded that lectures are podcast - premise that it is better way to convey information
  • Enhanced podcasts include graphics, video, and chapters - ToolFactory and ProfCast provide easy editing and production
  • Vodcasts and Vlogging are video podcasts and blogs

A Hundred More Web 2.0 Applications for Higher Education

Where to Next?  Views of the Future 

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