Hi, I'm Ray Sawhill. I hang around the arts and media worlds and occasionally get up to a little creative mischief. I'm married to the writer Polly FrostUse the tabs at the top of this website to explore some of the things I go on about.


  • "Sex Scenes" is a raunchy, funny audiobook that Polly and I wrote and produced. It's an episodic, satirical tale about moviemaking; it's full of inspired and sexy performances; and we're very proud of it. Buy the whole thing here. If you're the cautious sort and want to begin slowly, start with the episode called "Detention". For 99 cents, how can you go wrong?
  • With the talented young filmmaker Matt Lambert, we made the sci-fi / burlesque webseries "The Fold." It's awesome. We were super-pleased when the topflight movie critic David Chute compared "The Fold" to early John Waters and early Almodovar.
  • Buy Polly's hilarious humor collection.
  • Buy her hot and funny collection of erotic-horror stories.
  • Polly and I co-ghosted a trashy novel for a porn star. I can't make any big claims for it --  we wrote it very quickly, in just two months. But we managed to bring the characters and settings to life, and we did our best to give the sex scenes some heat and humor. It's a fun book if you're in the mood for some fast, naughty beach reading. 
  • Also in a pop-fiction mode, we co-wrote "The Bannings," a psychological romantic thriller. We'd both always been fascinated by the kinds of suspense novels ladies buy at grocery stores, so this was our attempt to do something similar, though freshened-up for the new world of super-assertive young women. It's a fast, fun read.
  • Under the pseudonym "Michael Blowhard" I co-hosted the popular cultureblog 2Blowhards for seven years. Explore some of my best blogpostings.


Here's what a few terrific people who I've been lucky enough to know have been nice enough to say about me and my writing. 

  • "Whatever he's up to — meditating on Malcolm X, panning Raymond Carver, eulogizing a beloved comic book, such as "Horny Biker Sluts" — Ray Sawhill's mind displays an intense feeling for life. He is a writer of extraordinary gifts, one of the finest critics of his generation." – Denis Dutton, author of "The Art Instinct" and editor of Arts & Letters Daily 
  • "I've long used Ray Sawhill as an unwavering compass on matters cultural and pop-cultural, but now I've come to think of him as a one-man global positioning system. Whatever his subject may be, he puts it in its proper place with prose that's pure pleasure to read." – Joe Morgenstern, film critic for The Wall Street Journal 
  • "I just read an absolutely splendid article on "Nashville" that was downloaded for me from Salon. It's by Ray Sawhill, and I think it's the best piece on movies I've read all year … I think Ray Sawhill does the best think pieces of anyone around." – Pauline Kael (to Francis Davis in his book "Afterglow")

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