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Rayne Hall writes horror and fantasy fiction. Some of her stories are quirky; some are disturbing; most are dark. 

She is the author of over forty books in different genres and under different pen names, published by twelve publishers in six countries, translated into several languages. Her short stories have been published in magazines, ezines and anthologies.

After living in Germany, China, Mongolia and Nepal, Rayne has settled on the south coast of England.

Six Quirky Tales - Fantasy - Rayne Hall
Recent books published in e-book format include: 

Storm Dancer  (dark epic fantasy novel),13 British Horror Stories, Six Scary Tales Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4  (creepy atmospheric horror stories), Six Historical Tales Vol. 1 and 2, Six Quirky Tales Vol. 1 (humorous fantasy stories), Writing Fight Scenes, Writing Scary ScenesThe Word-Loss Diet, Writing About Villains, Writing About Magic  (practical instructions for writers), The Colour of Dishonour: Stories from the Storm Dancer World, Thirty Scary Tales.

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Also in paperback: 
Storm Dancer  viewBook.at/1482567229 
13 British Horror Stories http://bookShow.me/1482576511
Thirty Scary Tales http://bookShow.me/1492816167

For information about Storm Dancer, click the link in the sidebar.


The ebooks in Rayne Hall's Writing Craft series equip authors with tools for their writing craft. 

Writing Fight Scenes shows how to construct an exciting, realistic fight scene even if you've never held a weapon. Learn to write vivid duels, riots, ambushes, battles and self-defence scenes.

Writing Scary Scenes helps create scenes that make  your readers' hearts hammer with suspense, their breaths quicken with excitement, and their skins tingle with goosebumps of delicious fright.

Writing About Villains gives you the tools for creating fiends your readers love to hate and will never forget.

The Word-Loss Diet guides writers to slim and tone their writing style, stripping away layers of word-fat to reveal the muscle of their unique author voice.


The stories in these books are mild horror: suspenseful, creepy, unsettling and atmospheric. 

Although they contain little  violence and gore,  they may not be suitable for young readers. 

Many of these stories have been previously published in other books or magazines.

Thirty Scary Tales is a compilation of Volumes 1-5. 


Rayne Hall is the editor of the Ten Tales fantasy and horror series. 

Each book contains ten short stories, with each author interpreting the theme in their unique way. The different approaches to story telling and the different writing styles create a delicious fiction buffet to suit every taste.  

Currently available as ebooks: Bites: Ten Tales of Vampires, Scared: Ten Tales of Horror, Haunted: Ten Tales of Ghosts, Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates, Beltane: Ten Tales of Witchcraft, Spells: Ten Tales of Magic, Undead: Ten Tales of Zombies, Seers: Ten Tales of Clairvoyance, Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts, Cogwheels: Ten Tales of Steampunk.  More titles are coming soon.

Some of the stories have been previously published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies. For more information about the series, click the link in the side bar.


Rayne's stories have appeared in many magazines, ezines and anthologies, especially in the horror genre.

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Email: rayne[underscore]hall[underscore]author[at]yahoo[dot]com

On Twitter: @raynehall (will follow back readers and writers)