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Welcome to my website. There isn't much here, it's more of a stop-gap to store my various links and such.

I hope you enjoy your stay. I don't really know what to say about myself other than I'm rather random and a huge fangirl! Some of my fandoms are: ♥ Final Fantasy ♥ Kingdom Hearts ♥ Under Grand Hotel ♥ Phoenix Wright ♥ The World Ends With You ♥ Monkey Island ♥ Last Chaos ♥ Hoshi no Yakata ♥ A Sex Therapist ♥ Sam & Max ♥ Day of the Tentacle ♥ Pokemon ♥ The Sims ♥ Simon the Sorcerer ♥ Nintendogs ♥ Family Guy ♥ plus many more.

I'm also interesting in dollshouse miniatures, I currently have one house that I'm in the process of decorating. I enjoy making my own items for my house, mainly food and accessories so far. Some of my other interests include roleplaying, making icons and writing fics. Information about these can be found on the links to the left <--- n_n