Peer Review Portfolio

Hello Vermont! A Letter to the Peer Review Panel

My name is Ray Cinti and I’ve been teaching Biology since graduating from The University of California, Davis in 1987 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, minor in Education and a California Teaching Credential in Biology and Chemistry in 1988.
I completed a Masters of Arts degree from the University of San Francisco in 2014 and for the last 26 years I’ve been the Science Department Chair at Convent of the Sacred Heart HS, as well as the Honors Biology, AP Biology, Conservation Biology, and Honors Physiology instructor.
Science Department Chair: Convent of the Sacred Heart HS
Instructor: Honors Biology, Physiology, AP Biology, Conservation Biology

My Teaching Philosophy:

I’ve had the honor and privilege of teaching some of the brightest, most gifted, and highly-motivated young women over the years. I’m so proud of each of them. The dedication and passion I’ve experienced in academic pursuit in my lab has been most remarkable.  I’ve received great joy working alongside these students. It’s been amazing to see the development of these young women who have so much to offer. I’ve attended their musicals, cheered them on the sporting field, served the community by their side, gone on cool field trips, and cried with them on retreats. I’ve witnessed the elation and gratification that one gets when achieving success both in and out of the classroom. I’ve witnessed their growth from freshmen to physicians. I’ve worked with them in the lab sequencing Redwood Tree DNA in order to save and protect our great forests in California. I cannot imagine any profession I’d rather be in besides education. 

My school has been a place were leadership evolves. It’s been a community were young women begin a life, a journey, that I believe will positively influence the world by their acts of courage and compassion. My students will be the catalysts of the future not just because of the knowledge and skills they have gained in Biology but because they manifest an informed and lively faith as well. We have a quote at Schools of the Sacred Heart and it embodies not only the mission of our school but my personal philosophy in education:

"The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart."

My goal as an educator is not to teach content in isolation but rather to guide and lead students on a road of integrity.  This is achieved by modeling a life that is in constant pursuit of learning. To me a quality teacher is a master of learning.  Over my career as an educator I’ve attended countless professional development opportunities that have enriched my teaching. My most recent educational endeavor has been to achieve a Masters of Arts from the University of San Francisco in Education. But the most valuable learning experience I have had has been within my own classroom, learning alongside and from my own students. My students witness their teacher, in the classroom, as an example of someone who continues and loves learning.

My example more than my words will be an eloquent lifelong lesson.

As a teacher, I recognize that the student is the center of the learning process. I teach a ‘student-centered’ classroom were all ideas are welcome and everyone benefits from their peers' contributions. It’s a community of learners that are not just compelled to achieve understanding and act for themselves but for the sake of others. This drives my curriculum and motivates me to be present for every student, and it permeates every lesson I deliver. The idea is not to be the greatest in the world, but rather the greatest for the world.