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I’m interested in a Blockchain career as a developer, engineer, consultant, instructor, builder, tester, or possibly sales.  I’ve been a Data Engineer and SQL big data developer for over 10 years, most recently working in Amazon AWS three years.  I’ve also worked five years consulting and eight years at Microsoft.


I started using Bitcoin as a hobby over five years ago and now use over 25 public blockchains.  I was one of the first to install EOS and vote using its raw Linux command line tools.  I’ve hosted a dozen meetups in Seattle instructing others and livestream about cryptocurrency on YouTube.  I want to use my passion for blockchain in my career now.




·         Full Node installation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and Monero

·         Installed and used multiple wallets and explorers for over 25 top market cap blockchains

·         Created/used tokens on Ethereum, EOS, Counterparty, Waves, NEO, and Omni

·         Taught 12 meetups in Seattle

·         Livestreamed on Youtube about Cryptocurrency

·         Experience with Coinbase, Binance, and 10 other exchanges

·         Personal portfolio maintenance and advising others.  Balancing crypto vs. non crypto assets.

Data Engineering

·         Developed etl and audits for 100 billion row big data tables on Redshift and Hadoop/EMR.

·         3 years experience on 10,000 CPU core Redshift environment, 65TB ram, 4 Petabytes storage

·         Recorded six internal Datawarehouse training videos watched by over 500 employees.

·         3 years AWS experience using RDS, S3, EC2, EMR, Glue, HIVE, pyspark, Linux. 1yr Azure experience.

·         10 years experience with SQL Server, 3 years Oracle, 3 years MySQL, 5 years PostgreSQL development

·         Migrated ETL for 200 tables to two secret government networks at Amazon.  Two flights to DC to train admins.

·         Migrated ETL from Redshift to Spark for 20 tables, including backfill, scheduling, alarms, and documentation

·         Netezza and Redshift experience with Spectrum (external Parquet tables)

·         Built two Ruby ETL and monitoring applications and deployed using Amazon tools.

·         Participated in 24 hour oncall support rotation to keep datawarehouse running.

·         Logical and Physical Data Modeling, ER/Studio, Erwin, Visio, Data Dictionary, referential integrity, foreign keys

·         SQL Performance Tuning, Partitioning, Indexing, Execution Plans, Statistics

·         SQL Security design, roles, audit documentation.

·         Documentation, code review, tech design, flow diagrams, unit tests, deployment plan, bug tracking

·         SDLC methodologies SCRUM and waterfall, requirements gathering, change requests, Project Server

·         Source Control, Version Control, VSTF, VSTS, SVN, multiple environments dev, test, stage, and production

·         Hardware experience, ordering and racking servers, RAID design/config, OS install, SQL and VM configuration


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Amazon, Seattle, WA, Data Engineer, August 2015 to Current

3 years developing ETL in the AWS Data Warehouse department.  Migrating ETL from Redshift to EMR Spark and to airgap government AWS regions.


Brightlight Consulting / Sirius Computer Solutions, Redmond, WA, Consultant, June 2014 to September 2015

Consulted at T-Mobile client for one year using Netezza 1000 CPU core database and 128 node Hortonworks Hadoop cluster, then did inter


f5 Networks, Seattle, WA, Sr. Programmer Analyst, SQL, February 2013 to May 2014

Maintained SQL Server stored procedures, views, tables, for 1st party, internal manufacturing database. Documentation, replication, security, performance, and error handling on 20+ production, engineering, pre-prod, test, and development servers.  Database Design, ETL, SSIS, C# .NET, Oracle, Source Control


Microsoft, Redmond, WA, SDE, March 2005 to February 2013

Re-engineered a worldwide Sales Forecasting tool.  Data integration with 10+ sources. Data Architect on Microsoft’s HR Sourcing project to import, parse, and search millions of resumes and track job assignment activities. Designed, coded and unit tested several SQL back end jobs for 500+GB 10,000 user database. Wrote backend SQL jobs for BingMaps API billing.  Deployed Bing reports into prod.  SQL integration for 20,000 user database. Implemented 20 table XRM database. Optimized performance on existing Sales Geography back-end job from 10 hours to 30 minutes.   Wrote technical designs based on functional specs including data models, stored procedures, flow diagrams, unit test cases, and status field keys.  Designed and implemented 35 table model.



·         Microsoft MCP#1085481, passed 16 exams, 6 SQL Server, with 4 active certifications.  Last exams were Querying SQL Server 2012(5/2014) and Database Administration Fundamentals.

·         Scored midrange on TekSystems C# exam, 5/2014.

·         Scored high in 20 minutes on Robert Half SQL Developer exam, 5/2014

·         Toad for Oracle Training 4/15/2014

·         SQL 2005 Indexing for Performance classroom training

·         Microsoft CRM 3.0 Boot Camp, passed 3 exams after 1 week(60 hours) training.

·         Bellevue Community College, C# Level 1, learned Classes, Methods, Polymorphism

·         EMC/Dell, Roundrock, TX 2003, Implementation and Data Protection of EMC CX400 SAN

·         Onyx, Bellevue, WA 2002, Onyx Administration

·         US Navy Reserves, Memphis, TN & Oak Harbor, WA 1991 to 1994, 11 months (full time) avionics technician school (Graduated 1st in class of 20), 2-1/2 years (1 weekend per month) flight/avionics tech



Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA 1989 to 1992

Two years of computer, business, electronics, and science credits

Networking, UNIX, NetWare, and Programming (C, Pascal, Basic)