I'm interested in... (as of 2013)
  • Jogging - I've done three marathons this year and hope to do more.  This seems to be my hobby of the year right now.
  • Hiking - So far my hardest hike was Camp Muir for my 40th birthday in June 2013.  It's 10,000ft high up Mt Rainier.  My favorites last year were Granite Mountain(3,800ft) and Mailbox Peak(4,100ft).
  • Bicycling - Rode 80 miles the weekend of 5/17/2013.  I biked around 2000 miles in 2012 including big group rides from Seattle to Portland, 100 miles up and down Mt. St. Helens, and one from Redmond to Bellingham.
  • Fitness - This year I've also tried CrossFit, kayaking, rollerblading, and running training.
  • Personal Finance - Credit report is empty with nothing owed.  I don't care what my score is because I never plan to borrow again.  Thanks DaveRamsey.com!
  • Christian stuff - I enjoy Saturday morning men's group at Gold Creek Church and have made the last four annual weekend retreats with them.  I'm curious and open to other religions and perspectives too.
  • Singles - I like to meet new women friends.  Typically from work, meetup.com, ThreeStepDating.com, and friends of friends.  I haven't figured out what to do with them once I meet them though.
  • Groups - Discussions and outings.  Anything from hobbies on meetup.com, church groups, singles groups, whatever.  The first month at my new job I joined Weight Watchers and ToastMasters to meet more work people.
  • Counseling - I've seen multiple counselors for years and plan to continue.  I like studying emotional health and sharing with groups.
  • Travel - Last November I drove myself from Seattle to Mexico and spent a week there alone on my bicycle.  I pedaled 100 miles inside Mexico and one place I stayed was a shared hostel bunk for $15/night.  I want to do more travel like that, hopefully in India.
Phone: 425-501-8167
I live in Everett, WA
I work at f5 Networks in Seattle as a software developer.  I'm an expert with Microsoft SQL Server development.