Geocaching Profile
Information about Trainlove's geocaching interests.

Nearly the same information that's on my geocaching profile. But here there is much more space, megabytes instead of 5 or 8 kilobytes. And one does not need to be logged into Geocaching in order to view the profile information.

My Latest News information. Mostly names of GeoCachers I've met.

My Biography information. Also has maps of locations I've Cached in.

My Hobbies information. Will have photos of my Computer Lab and my Electronics Lab. Currently has lists of GeoCoin Icons from my profile page and from those of others.

Some files of useful information for geocachers. GPX track files of Delorme Square boundaries of most of the New England States. And some spreadsheets of ZIP code information that is what groundspeak used to use in their database of locations, and possibly do not use anymore in liew of using google which probably does not use the free TIGER Census database.

Information on a project I'm working on to improve the lives or us few Magellan GPS users. Major Magellan Problem Keep tuned but don't hold your breath. If possible I would suggest selling your Magellan and getting a GPS from another manufacturer. But I would avoid Garmin too, don't you think they are way too in bed with groundspeak by advertising and the Where I Go cache type that's kind of fun but doesn't deserve it's own category. And for your own sake, if you are a geocacher, avoid the automobile GPSr's, most, if not all, do not allow you to enter coordinates, and/or take it into the woods with you, and/or do not have connection capability to a computer, and/or do not allow you to customize the maps such as adding Topo...
Here is some useful information for Magellan users of immediate use. GPS hints
Well actually you can breath now, i've solved that Magellan WAAS problem.

Anyone interested in the Follow That Bug travel bug series and related Multi-cache by Rlahti can see some stats in this Excel spreadsheet. No macros here, nothing but good old data sorting, text-to-columns processing, filters, simple formulas, copy paste specials value only and sheet tabs.
Bug#3 travel bug with some of the information from the following spreadsheet within my logs.
FollowThatBug080402.xls . He who finds the 1 mistake I'll buy a beer for, but it's not really a mistake, and you must be that person.
My next log for #3, but ALL those bugs have been Locked Down, would have been to list the 12 people who had 3 out of 4 bugs, that's really 11 now as I displayed bug #3 to another cacher who needed it while at a recent SNEG event. Those 17 of you who have done all 4 bugs, plus me, and 11 of you who have done 3 out of the 4 bugs MUST contact Rlahti and he'll let you log that archived cache. But hurry up. All 28 of you who have had 3 or more of these bugs, have had them from prior to the archival date of the cache 12/26/06. I don't know if each of you have moved it along in the requested 24 hours, but that's not important anymore. And that's impossible for anyone but the owner to check since the date of a log can be anything while the actual day one logs is emailled to an owner.