Kamehameha 62

Kamehameha Class of 62   Ray and Linda   

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November 8, 2006 

Aloha 62s,


It’s October and the year is almost over and it will probably be November when you get this.  A lot has happened since I last wrote, mainly our “62 turns 62” birthday weekend.  We also launched our class website through the Alumni as another means of staying in touch with each other.  


Our birthday weekend was a huge success with 30 or so members of the class getting together for either a round of golf, a tour of ‘Iolani Palace with a dim sum luncheon after and a weekend at the Sheraton Waikiki reminiscing with all in attendance.  Wayne Wahineokai got us a suite to gather in, Rosie Ahina Eberhardt planned the Palace tour and luncheon, and I along with Clem Souza planned the round of golf at Ko’olau Golf Club. 


Those that did the Palace tour and luncheon described the experience as “chicken-skin”.  Carol enjoyed it so much she followed up her verbal mahalo with a written one to Rosie.  Us guys and some ladies enjoyed our golf at Ko’olau but bemoaned the fact that we didn’t have time to play the 19th hole because of our time restraints and the need to get back to Waikiki to join up with the other 62s. 


Gayle Desha Aiona had a story to tell all when she arrived in Waikiki on Friday.  Gayle had to drive to Hilo (before the sun came up) to meet up with Helen Kauhi Henderson and had quite the experience on her drive from Kamuela.  She ran over a wild pig, destroyed her car and got promises from the investigating police officers that she would get some of the meat from the demised animal upon her return from Honolulu.  Pua ting, her body was all soah from da hit an’ run, oh yeah she nevah run, da pig was running, but not anymoah.   So wot Gem, you wen colleck your meat yet?  Anyway, afta she wen ma-ke dat pig, she wen meet Helen an dey wen come Honolulu fo’da party.  Talk about diehards!  She da only one had one story fo’ tell like dat one.  Eh, Helen was good fo’ see you afta all deez yeahs.  (My aloha to Neki and Davelyn).


Diane Kema Wellhaven came from Montana to enjoy and said she was coming back for our reunion on campus in June ’07 as well as the cruise of the islands after Reunion Week.  The state of Oregon sent us Deanna Ebinger and Julian McFadden.


 Coming from Kaua’i was Bernie Ho Enrique and Wini Chow Tam.  Wini’s sister Robin joined us also.  Kaliko Chun joined us from Kona. 


The rest of the 62s were, Tom Foglesong and guest Didi Glendon, Age and Dorie Ellis, Pat Harbottle and Joe Machado, BJ Mowat and Norman Angelo, Wayne and Nancy Wahineokai, Rosie Ahina and Art Eberhardt, Row Peroff and Bill Blaisdell, Reg and Shelley Chun, Gerry and Jenny Gomes, Clem Souza and guest Jerrie Fernandez, Anna Mae Distajo Heath and her friend Trina, Charlotte Lum, Moana Akana, Billy O, Sam Kapu, George West, Nellie Lam Eugenio, Lopaka Mansfield, Momi McGregor and Greg Hall, Linda Malina Kreis, Danna Hano Lyman, Bobby Tong, Gary Heiligman, Carol and yours truly. 


So, thirty-three 62s and thirteen husbands, wives and friends enjoyed themselves at some time during our three day weekend at the Sheraton, the ‘Iolani Palace and Ko’olau Golf Club.


Just another reminder that if you have a new address, phone number, email, or no email, PLEASE let us know.  And if you don’t want us to know what you doing or no care what we doing let us know too and we stop.  Believe me, we’ve heard it all, but mostly it’s the lack of time in our busy schedules and lives and the time needed to spend with our ever expanding families that keep us from staying in touch. 


Yes, I’m retired and I’ve been tempted with going back to work part-time, but “nah, I no tink so!”  I truly enjoy being retired and truly enjoy my expanding family and truly embrace writing to and hearing from our KS ’62 ‘ohana.  So, keep us in mind.  Was that a subtle hint or what?


Speaking of expanding family, four days a week I help coach Under 12 boys and girls soccer.  I do two days with my daughter Maile and son Kamu coaching a boys team and one day helping an old friend coach his granddaughter’s team and on Saturday I’m driving back and forth from one soccer field to another either coaching or refereeing here in Kane’ohe. 


Don’t know how much longer these old legs are going to hold out, especially when running the soccer field trying to keep up with these nasty kids who have no respect for older refs.  Nah, I’m enjoying it.  Get back on track old man. 


On our boy’s team (this is the expanding family part) we have bruddah Sam Kapu’s mo’opuna Nalu.  So, I get to see da bruddah or Marsha on Saturday.  I no see dem togeddah cuz one go one place fo’ watch Nalu and da oddah one go watch da younga boy da oddah place.  Nalu doesn’t have his Papa’s sense of humor yet, but I can see it developing in his eyes cuz look just like da Papa one.  An’ den, we also have Leina’ala Neuman’s (KSG ’61) mo’opuna Kala’iku on the team.  No get to see her, she live Hilo.  Anyway, I’m having a great time being busy helping my Maile and Kamuela coach. 


The class has a web page!  Mahalo to the alumni office for affording us another venue (eh! check out dat word) to keep in touch with you.  Actually, the ability has been there for a while, we just didn’t have anyone willing to do it. 


Enter BJ Mowat Angelo with her computer skills and a ’62 website is a reality.  Check it out she’s done a great job.  She also put a questionnaire in it and with it we hope to gather as much info as we can to help us decide who, what and where to go, do or no do, for next years 45th reunion festivities. 


The planning so far has been to repeat what we did for our 40th year, Moloka’i in February, Reunion Week on campus in June and the Big Island in October.  So go to KSBE.edu and go to alumni etc., etc., etc., if you have a computer or access to one and answer the questionnaire. 


We tried one time before with the questionnaire years ago, we even gave you da stamp.  But dis time no need stamp.  Jes ansah da queschen an den sen ‘um.  If no mo computah, call me 808-235-0838, no problem, I aks you, you tell me.


At our latest meeting, the committee went over the plans for our reunion year and other business. 

First up was the fact that 62s answered the call and beefed up our treasury through donations that we truly appreciate.  Mahalo, to all who did. 


Next up was our First Friday of December After Work Christmas Party, which will happen Friday, December 1st, after work at Rosie’s at 1302 Aloha ‘Oe Drive in Maunawili, Kailua.  Actually, the home now belongs to Rosie’s daughter and son-in-law, the Somervilles, and they’ve graciously consented to letting us gather to celebrate. 


We will enjoy the spirit of the holidays with fun being planned by Danna and friends, and spirits that you have to bring.  The rules are the same, BYOB and D, give $10 to Row if you’re bringing a guest, spouse, significant other or whatevahs. 


We will also collect toiletries, socks and other things that can be used by the kupuna who reside at Lunalilo Home and hopefully go there with our ho’okupu and maybe have an impromptu Christmas celebration with them. 


Next on the agenda was our trek to Moloka’i on February 23, 24 and 25, 2007.  Once again the gang on Moloka’i; Steven and Hana Arce, Honey Potter Pe’elua, Lola Wilson and Wilfred Spencer, Alex and Pat Pua’a an’ all da ‘ohana are awaiting our return.  Honey has granted us the use of her beautiful place again for our hana hou gathering.  So, start making your plane, hotel and car reservations now.  The hotels nearest Honey’s place are the Hotel Moloka’i (next door to Honey’s) and the Moloka’i Shores (down the road).   A reminder will be in the first newsletter of 2007.


Reunion Week 2007 on Kapalama campus in June is a go and so is the cruise afterwards.  Pat Harbottle and Joe Machado, our unofficial host and hostess will be making the cruise happen.  If you want to join them and get in on the group rate, you must contact; Sandra Lavarias at Regal Travel now and tell her you want in on the Kamehameha Class of ’62 Cruise.  She can be reached at 808-566-7833, toll free at 1-800-486-5170 or email at sandral@regaltravel.com.  She can give you all the information. 


The week at Kapalama will be full of activities for all to enjoy.  The Alumni will be sending out information to all alumni who currently receive mailings from them.  Info will also be available on the KS website, our website and our coconut email wireless and newsletters.  So, if you living in a cave someplace with no post office nearby and no electricity, I guess we not going see you.  Poho!


I guess I bettah shut up fo’ now.  One moah ting.  We have a few people that we don’t know what happened to and have been missing in action for years. 


Thought I had Colin Chung, but he didn’t answer my email. 

How about Charles Lau, Alama keeps asking if anyone has seen or heard from him? 

Wayne Collier was on the mail list for a while but not anymore. 

Paul Lee must have moved. 

John Ka’ana’ana must’ve moved too. 

Hannah Akaka Lino moved. 

Wilma Freudenberg Leong, who knows?  If you know the whereabouts of these people let us know okay?  Mahalo! 


Hope you had a Happy Halloween, have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a raucous New Year 2007!  God bless you all, stay in good health and make plans for Reunion 45 now!  We want to see you.