Missing District Attorney

With the recent news of the Penn State scandal of child sex abuse involving Jerry Sandusky, some believe that Ray Gricar's disappearance may be related to that scandal....I do not.  It's my firm opinion that investigators need to go back to square one in this case.  In my opinion, there is one huge "elephant" in the room.  Gricar's girlfriend, reported "soulmate" & co-worker Patty Fornicola claims that Gricar phoned her at approximately 11:30am on the morning of Friday April 15, 2005, the day he reportedly vanished.   He told her
"I'm on 192. I'm not going to make it home to take care of the dog. Would you be able to go home?"

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Then reportedly Gricar said "I love you" and "bye."  That's it.  No questions asked.  Supposedly the elderly/sick dog needed to be let out on a regular basis and needed to be let out at noon that day  (only 30 min later from Gricar's phone call.)   But, Patty Fornicola didn't ask one single question - such as "what time did you leave the house" or "last let the dog out?"  She didn't ask "Why?"  She didn't ask "where are you headed?"  She didn't ask "when will be you home?"  And, reportedly they had a standing dinner date at the Gamble Mill Inn every Friday night.  She didn't ask "are we still on for dinner?"   I really have difficulty in believing Patty Fornicola's version of that phone call.  It's true, someone did use Gricar's cellphone at 11:30am & placed a call to the courthouse but investigators cannot prove who actually made the call.  Just put yourself in Gricar's shoes --- if you phoned your significant other - your "soulmate" - and said I won't be home for lunch, or I won't be home for dinner, or I'm on highway 45 and can't go feed the cat....would you just say I love you and bye?  Wouldn't you be the least bit inquisitive and ask WHY?  I think 99 & 44/100% of the population would ask at least one question.  Patty Fornicola did not.  

It's also troubling to me that because Gricar's vehicle was found abandoned in Lewisburg, PA - that's where law enforcement's investigation centered.   They never did  a forensic investigation at the home he shared with Patty Fornicola.  They never fingerprinted the laptop case that was left behind.  They never questioned other close friends, co-workers or neighbors.   WHY?

I hope and pray that with all the new attention on Ray Gricar (because of the Sandusky case) that the FBI will take over the Bellefonte PA Police's investigation in this disappearance.  It's about time...

Ray Gricar was the Centre County Pennsylvania District Attorney for 20 years.  He disappeared April 14, 2005 & was last seen on surveillance video working late at the Courthouse.  Two days later his abandoned vehicle & cellphone were found approx 60 miles away in Lewisburg.  There was no physical evidence found putting Gricar there.  Various witnesses reported seeing the car, but it was determined there were at least 2 other red Mini Coopers in the city in the same time frame.  Police checked hundreds of hours of local & surrounding surveillance and found no evidence Gricar had been near there.  None of the witness sightings could be corroborated with any other evidence.  Search dogs couldn't find his scent at any of the witness locations. Did Gricar actually vanish from Bellefonte rather than Lewisburg, PA?  I believe so... 
The official Bellefonte Pennsylvania Police flyer indicates various witness sightings of Ray Gricar could not be confirmed.
*FOUL PLAY* is still a major possibility