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Simple Music Videos
Composing for media

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Why record at Ray Foo Music?

It seems like every other guy you meet these days knows someone with a recording studio, so a fair question might be, “why would I record at Ray Foo Music?”

Producer + recording engineer = great success!

Rays experience as a professional musician, his extensive formal musical training, teaching ability, skills as a music director and love of music production allow us to offer you a truly gifted and experienced producer and recording engineer. 

This is a rare combination, especially at such affordable rates. Not only does Ray love the technical aspect of recording (resulting in a high fidelity product for you), but he has the skills, knowledge and experience to know what your music needs in order to make a great recording.

Great service

Ray is very easy to work with and creates a relaxed, positive atmosphere in the studio. Any deadlines you’ve agreed upon WILL be met! 

Wide industry experience & contacts

Having been a professional guitarist, Ray is able to offer help and guidance regarding music licensing, distribution, CD manufacturing and gigging, as well as having top industry contacts who are able to create music videos, website design, photography and orchestrations for you. You’ll also have access to some of the best session musicians in the state.

Great gear

We only use the best gear available in order to bring you the highest quality product possible.


In this new age of Digital Recording, Audio File and Session File Storage has become a major issue for studios and clients.  Due to this Ray Foo Music will not guarantee the safe storage of these files.  It is necessary for every client to provide for digital audio file storage.  There are many ways to do this.

Purchase a hard drive from Ray Foo Music and request that we transfer your audio and session files to your new drive.   

Bring  your own Mac and Ray Foo Music Studio compatible drive to the session and request for such audio and file transfer(s).

We advise you to then take your Hard Drives with you upon departure from the studio.  You may leave the above items at Ray Foo Music at your own rise and peril if you choose to do so.

Failure to make the above arrangements will result in your audio and session files being unavailable for use.  Ray Foo Music assumes no responsibility and makes no representations either express or implied regarding safety and replacement of any hard drives, master or other audio files, or any types of recordings.

Audio and Session file transfer time is billable at normal studio rates.