Ray Foo Music has serviced a wide range of clients involved in all aspects of the music industry from record companies, to film composers, advertisers, individual artists, music management, orchestras, choirs, opera singers, and student ensembles, working with all genres of music.

The following pages provide up-to-date international and Australian client lists from our Recording and Mastering Studios @ Ray Foo Music:

Ray Foo Music was founded to offer artists the services of a producer as well as a recording studio at an affordable rate. There is much that goes into the production of a great recording, and it is essential to have someone on hand who understands the process as a whole, can make the right musical decisions, and can act as a mentor throughout the entire process.

Ray Foo Music is run by Ray Foo, but utilises the services of a number of other professionals when needed, all of whom offer special rates when booked through Ray Foo Music