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  KS Class Reunion in Hawaii , June,  2007     

It will take me forever to recall all the many fond memories of the Kamehameha Schools reunion in Hawaii in June.  Mahalo to all my classmates.

BillyO was a most gracious host - taking me to play golf at the Navy Marine golf course, the Locomotion Sushi, and then to Ewa Beach golf course to play in the KS Alumni Golf tourney.  BillyO introduced me to Vice Admiral Robert Kihune, USN Retired, Kamehameha Schools Class of 1955.  Bob Kihune received the Na Koa Ho'oulu Award at the KS Alumni Golf awards banquet. 

 Ray's  New Life

I'm working with Linda at her shop.  I've decided to bring my IT talents to Ranger Trophies.


I thought about getting back into the IT world in January, but I'm having too much fun working longer hours and getting the shop in top shape.  We've painted the walls a Cinammon Cake color (go to Home Depot and look in the Workplaces brochure.  It looked great against a wood look. 


We now have Internet Access at the shop as I bought a Laptop Connect USB Air Card from AT&T (hey, I retired from that company a few years back).  I also lost my phone (misplaced) so I went to get a new one, thinking I'd settle for a basic Razor - then I inquired about a Black Berry, and the gal behind the counter had a tiny one which had internet access and was only $30 more each month - so I got one and she got it up and running for me.


I'm still catching squirels and releasing them at Home Depot, KC International Airport (well, just outside so it wouldn't get run over), the shop (lot's of trees), and generally everywhere I go.  Each time I've released a squirel at Home Depot, I've gotten some great deals on cabinets that are discontinued.


Kamehameha Class of 1962

I've updated the Kamehameha62 website to include Memories - several Images of Aloha pictures of our classmates - Photography by Luryier "Pop" Diamond and Ka Nai Aupuni - the school annual given to me by my dear classmate Liberta.    

Our historian is Dutchy.  His letters are a must read if you are trying to learn the native hawaiian language. 

The Rustic Touch Cabinet Shop

Here is the link to Jerry's new Shop in Holbrook, AZ.  It's right on Route 66.

My early years in Colorado

My sister Laverne met Patti Anderson in Boulder, Colorado and our families have shared great moments.


Dirty rotten tomato eater