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Baishakhi Ray 

My new website is: http://dolphin.ece.utexas.edu

I graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science. My research interests include Distributed Systems, Ubiquitous Computing domain & Networking. I'm currently working with Prof. Richard Han in the domain of Ubiquitous Computing and Networking. I also work with Prof. Shivakant Mishra in Distributed Systems and Networking Domain.


Masters:  GPA: 4.0

UndergradGPA: 3.84

Research Interest:

My research interests include different areas of experimental computer science, especially in system domain. They follow mainly under following category:

I work with Prof. Richard Han and Prof. Shivakant Mishra. Below is the list of publication of my current work.

Master's Thesis:

"SecureWear: SecuringWearable Mobile Social Networks": 

The rising popularity of social networks coupled with the explosive growth of wireless devices have enabled the creation of a whole new class of context-aware applications. The geographical location of a person can be coupled with their preferences and/or friendship data extracted from their social networking profile to build a variety of novel applications. However, the existing infrastructure to share social networking identification information via wireless can result in users compromising their privacy. In this paper, we present a SecureWear, a secure framework for sharing of social network information between wearable wireless devices without compromising user privacy. Through exchanging an encrypted nonce (EID) associated with a veried user location, SecureWear allows location-based services to query the local area for social network information without disclosing user identity or any set of information that could be positively matched to users. We achieve this capability even with the limited resources of a wearable device. We contend that integrating user privacy is crucial to the future of mobile social networks, and should be integrated early in the design cycle of mobile social networks


  1. B. Ray and S. Mishra. A Protocol for Building Secure and Reliable Covert Channel.   6th Annual Conference on Security, Privacy and Trust (PST 2008), Fredericton, NB, Canada (October 2008). pdf
  2. B.Ray, S. Ananthanarayan and S. Mishra. A Reliable Transmission Protocol for Sensors in Poorly Connected Areas over Mobile Networks. To appear in the 9th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed computing and Networks (PDCN 2010), Innsbruck, Austria (February 2010). pdf
  3. Aaron Beach, Mike Gartrell, Sirisha Akkala, Jack Elston, John Kelley, Keisuke Nishimoto, Baishakhi Ray, Sergei Razgulin, Karthik Sundaresan, Bonnie Surendar, Michael Terada, and Richard Han, "WhozThat?: Evolving an Ecosystem for Context-Aware Mobile Social Networks", IEEE Network Magazine Special Issue on Composable context aware services, 2008.pdf
  4. A. Beach, B. Ray, L. Buechley "Touch Me wE@r: Getting Physical with Social Networks", to appear at the 2009 Workshop on Sensor-based Models and Feedback Systems for Social Computing, associated with SocialCom 2009. pdf
  5. B. Ray and S. Mishra. Secure and Reliable Covert Channel. In the 2008 Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Workshop (CSIIR 2008), Oak Ridge, TN (May 2008)
  6. Technical Report: A. Beach, C. Gartrell, B. Ray and R. Han "Secure SocialAware:A Security Framework for Mobile Social Networking Applications". pdf

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