Fundraising is the life's blood of our organization because our membership dues only generate about $550 of our operational budget.  We need your support to raise approximately $10,250 to sustain our programs and activities for the 2011-2012 school year.  The approximate cost per family for PTA sponsored programs and activities is $36.00. 

There are many ways that you can help the Laurel Lane Elementary PTA meet our operational budgetary needs so that we can continue to support the school, our teachers and our programs, activities and events.  Let us count the ways...
  1. Join the PTA!  Approximately $2.35 of your membership dues are retained by our local unit and the rest is used to pay the National PTA, Virginia PTA and W-JCC PTA Council dues.
  2. Buy spirit merchandise.  The PTA orders merchandise from various vendors and has to pay for these products up front.  We mark-up the costs slightly when we resell these products to Penguin students and their families so that we have enough money in the budget to buy more merchandise. 
  3. Support our passive fundraising programs.  This is the easiest way to help and it doesn't cost anything extra because you are doing what you would normally be doing anyway--shopping at your favorite grocery store or buying your favorite products.
  4. Make a direct donation.  Laurel Lane Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, so individuals and companies can make tax-deductible charitable contributions to our organization.and upon request or if your contribution is in excess of $75.00, you will receive a written statement that you can use when you file your taxes.
  5. Participate in our product/catalog sales fundraiser.  We don't always like to sponsor a catalog/product sales fundraiser such as for wrapping paper, candy or fudge, cookie dough, pizza kits or gift items, but sometimes we need these types of fundraising programs to supplement our operational budget if we are going to offer the kinds of programs and support for our school that we want to offer.