Terry's Weather Data

 Freshwater,Isle of Wight,UK

Latitude N 50° 40' 34" Longitude W 01° 31' 11" Elevation 30 m

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We moved to the island in April 2004 Since then I have recorded the Temperature and Rainfall daily.

 In Sept 2011  I purchased and installed a new weather station. 
 This system worked well until June 2013 when the display ceased to work.  
 A new system was installed on 25 October 2013. That lasted for nearly two years
 but failed on 17 Sept 2015. Now I am only recording Temperature and Rainfall

           A useful site is Rain Alarm   also available as a smartphone app.

This Site
contains weather data since 2004. Please click on the Tabs at the top of each page. Some pages have charts that show the data graphically this may be in separate sheets if so please click on the sheet name at the bottom of the page.

This page was updated on 23 September 2015