Terry is working with Google SketchUP

Having started this project,  learning Sketch UP,  I find again that I have to know about many other skills. I thought that I would first try to model our house and could just trace a scanned drawing. This is better if the traced item is a PNG file with a transparent background. So I learn how to do that. I also thought that the house, annex and garage could be one model, but they get in each others way so I do four models. Trace, House, Garage and Annex. Then combine them in a KML file. Sounds good but a KML file only reads one model. So I learn about the <document> tag.

Now position?? I learnt that the Lat/Long in the KML file relates to the xy origin of the model and you can find that that with a Right click in Google Maps. 

My house Model

This page was updated on 26 - Feb -2013