windows firewall

Today I will explain how to tweak with windows XP firewall through 'netsh' 

first fire 'netsh' from --> run (hit [ms key+r])

then write 'firewall'+enter

to check out its state ..whether it is working or not or checking other service options,type:

show state [enter]

you may see something like this

 [note: some lines I blanked from the following command shell pictures for my own reasons]

as you see the current programs running with their port numbers listed and above them is that operational mode is Enabled .


next we will disable it by  typing :set opmode disable [enter]

a message will popup warning us of firewall has been disabled.

now ,what about the exception list that give us the programs that can run freely without the firewall intervenes.

type:show allowedprogram[enter]


something like above will appear..It is agood way to know if some malwares have sneaked in to your pc,if you rely on ms firewall.

now ,we are going to add a new program in the exception list type:

set allowedprogram [full path name] [name as you like] [enter]

e.g : set allowedprogram c:\sample.exe application [enter]

next we check the list to see our new added program type as above:show allowedprogram[enter]

you will see our new proggy has been added.

notice that the program should exists otherwise the command failes.


for more info about it that just type 'help' or '?' wherever you want in netsh to see more commands.

And ofcourse you can do the above by using controlpanel or even registry !,but that was a small demonstration on windows firewall  'changing settings using netsh'.

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