Telnet the IRC

    Today I will explain by simple steps how to connect to IRC(Internet Relay Chat) server ,sends message and all the fun stuff that you can do on IRC;well not al of the commands will be discussed here some of them only will be demonstrated;you can use telnet or any alike softwares like PUTTY or WinTin.

    First you have to seek the domain name or the ip address of your target irc server,for this article I chose to download an IRC server called  beweare irc serverd  that I installed just inorder to test the whole article on it so as not to annoy IRC servers and to test it offline too .

    Now,run beware ircd,and launch cmd.exe ,type: telnet 6667[ENTER]                                      change the according to the IRC server you want to connect to if you didnt use beware ircd,and also you can change the port number(6667) according to that server.

    Now wait till "NOTICE AUTH" Messages end and then you type nick (your preferred nickname)[ENTER] then a ping message will be displayed these pings will be sent from time to time by irc server to note your presence if it is still applicable,the ping message will look something like that :-  PING :12334534 ,or just certain characters instead of the numbers .Once the ping message sent you have to pong it ;) write PONG xxxxxx[ENTER] ;where xxxxx the pinged things to you ;notice the spcace between the PONG and the xxxxxx ;After that you have to send the user command :USER rawbinsoft localhost localhost :tlnet[ENTER] <<<-----as in the example below,where rawbinsoft I used as the user name and the localhost first one for the hostname the other for the servername and the :tlnet part is for the client that we are going to use you can choose anything you like  .

    The MOTD messages will be sent to you and after it ends the fun begins.


    To join a channel;type : join #MyChannel[ENTER] ;and you can send a message to a user or a channel,            type:PRIVMSG #MyChannel :hi to all ppl[ENTER] --->>and for user--->> type:PRIVMSG <certainname> :hi whassup man?[ENTER];e.g:privmsg rawbinsoft :hi whassup man?;when you want to quit the irc,type QUIT <reason>[ENTER] ;where the reason is the message will be displayed to other users while quitting,also leaving a certain channel type PART command ...etc .

    That was a brief demonstration  to telneting IRC  remember that you have to pong every ping otherwise you will be disconnected,and for better demonstration download an IRC Client and connect it inorder to get a chat with yourself;I use mIRC for an example; also check the rfc1459 to seek for further knowledge on commands .

    I hope I brought the help that you needed and assisted you in your first steps so as you can dig deeper,for any comments please feel free and comment on the subject.