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Gold from the Land of Israel
On the Weekly Torah portion.

Gold from the Land of Israel

Published 2006. Hardcover367 pagesTable of Contents.


"Inspiring! This book is truly wonderful. Rav Kook zt"l is one of the most important Jewish thinkers and leaders of the last century. This book makes his words accessible and understandable. I highly recommend it."
--Rabbi Shmuel Jablon

Stories from the Land of Israel
Stories from the land of Israel

Published 2015. Softcover132 pages

Newly released
collection of remarkable incidents in the lives of two saintly and beloved scholars - Rabbi Abraham Isaac HaKohen Kook and his son, Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah HaKohen Kook. The stories are set against the backdrop of the historic upheavals and triumphs of the Jewish people over the past century, as they returned to and settled the Land of Israel, established an independent state, and defended it against warring neighbors. This book opens a window into their inspiring qualities of spirit, their overflowing love for the land and people of Israel, and their rare ability to bridge the religious-secular divide.

Softcover $6.99

"I loved it! I couldn't stop reading..." -- Rabbi Shmuel Jablon

Silver from the Land of Israel
On the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays.

Silver from the land of Israel

Published 2011. Hardcover, 277 pagesTable of Contents.

 Special Price for Holidays!
 Special Price for Holidays! 
  Special Price for Holidays!

Paperback - $13.75

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2010 National Jewish Book Award Finalist in the category of Modern Jewish Thought and Experience (Jewish Book Council)

"Such an uplifting collection of essays... a wonderful gift." 
--Douglas Wertheimer, Chicago Jewish Star

The Splendor of Tefillin

The Splendor of Tefillin

Published 2012. Softcover36 pages

What are tefillin? What is their deeper significance? How can we bind our hearts and souls to God, as we bind these these scrolls to our arms and heads? Nine insightful essays on the mitzvah of tefillin.


"Well written and concise. This book makes the mitzvah of Tefillin so much more meaningful. Highly recommended reading."  
--Robert Weiss

"An exceptionally direct treatise on the most abstruse subjects - a must-read volume of Jewish thought, mysticism and philosophic exploration."

Sapphire from Land of Israel
On the Weekly Torah portion.

Sapphire from the Land of Israel

Published 2013. Hardcover, 390 pages. Table of Contents.


"Rav Kook was uniquely able to communicate the mystical depths of the Torah to modern Jews, showing how the Torah's narratives are indeed expressive of eternal truths. And among the interpreters of Rav Kook, Rabbi Morrison is uniquely able to impart those teachings to contemporary English-speaking Jews in clear, yet elegant prose."
--Rabbi Dovid Sears