Permutations, Combinations and Variations

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     The Ravi Varma press, many a time printed lithographs combining several themes into a single print. The devoted could purchase a single print with two or more gods. The Press also printed the same theme with minor variations.  Here are a few examples of such permutations, combinations and variations:


(The print in the center is a combination of the Lakshmi and Saraswathi)

Also see Dashavatar or the 10 Avatars of Vishnu

Indira printed by (L-R) the Karla Press, FAL Press Bombay and the Malavi Press. Notice the differences in the colour of background and saree. The jewellery on the print on the left also differs from the other two.

This was generally the case when similar themes were either printed by different Presses or by the same Press but at different times. Different colour schemes and combinations are found in the prints of Rambha, Urvashi/ Oorvashi, Tara and Sudhanva / Prabhavati.


Shankar both printed by the Karla Press. The one on the right is common and the one on the left rare. Notice the Parvathi and Shiva on the print on the left donot have any head ornaments.

Dhruv-Narayan: The print on the left was printed by the Karla Press, Lonavala (Registered number 146). The other two were printed by the Ravi Udaya-Vijaya Offset press, Ghatkoper. Notice the Dhruv on the RHS print has his hands folded in prayer. The print in the center has the added Lakshmi.