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Mukundan Thambi - M. A. Joshi - Mangalabai Thamburatti

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P. Mukundan Thambi

          A contemporary of Raja Ravi Varma, Mukundan Thambi was a student of the method and style of Ravi Varma. He was associated with the studio of Ravi Varma and was especially famous for his portrait studies. He hailed from Haripad, Kerala. However, very few of his original works have survived. Ravi Varma was himself very appreciative of the works of Mukundan Thampi and had commented that if Thambi was more focused on his work "he would sweep us all off the face of this earth with his brush!"



M. A. Joshi

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Mangalabai Thamburatti

     Mangalabai Thamburatti was the sister of Raja Ravi Varma and an artist of eminence herself. A few paintings survive and even fewer prints. Here is a rare example: