Raving can be considered a 
subculture or a counterculture. To many ravers, going to raves is just for fun, and isn't considered a way of life. It may be considered a Counterculture by some because raves have become notoriously known for the high presence of drugs and the many people that take part in their use. 

RAVE is a term to describe all-night dance parties, which include a DJ and other performers playing electronic dance music accompanied with laser light shows, artificial fog, and club drugs such as ecstasy, acid, cocaine.

A RAVER is a person who is an enthusiastic attendee of raves. Also know as a  “party animal” or “the life of the party". They may attend these types of events, but it does not define the individual's personality.

Our group choice to do our culture project on Ravers because we feel that they show a strong desire to just simply have fun. They are not interest in causing harm or hurting anyone, that are just out their to have a good time.