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Reports of visits to Ravensroost Wood 2019
When parking at Ravensroost please don't leave anything that looks valuable in your car.

20th March: 3 Marsh Tits                                                                                                                                                                                                              The team split again and Ken & Geoff's team repaired the fence leading into the wood from the car park and the benches at the hut and the Newt Pond, while the rest scythed what was left of the transect route and wove heathers into the fence. (RG,JC,GW,KS,JohnD,John Theobald, JaneD, SM, MC, SD, TS, MW, HelenS)

Eight of the team with the newly woven hedge (RG)

13th March: Frogspawn in the meadow ponds                                                                                                                                                                                The team completed the third scallop and the hedgelaying beside the new pond and also cut some scrub beside the meadow ponds. (RG,JC,GW,KS,SM,TS,SD,JohnD,JaneD,HughS,HelenS)

6th March: The team continued scalloping and started to lay a continuation of the hedge beside the new pond in section P. (JC,GW,KS,HughS,SD,TS,HelenS,MC, Ellie Jones)

4th March: 4 Marsh Tit (Chris Snook)

27th February: The team completed the coppicing in this year's coupe. A couple of scallops were started, one of them completed, with the aid of the chainsaw. (RG,JC,GW,KS,HughS,SM,TS,SD,JaneD,JohnD,MC)

24th February: Late Winter Bird Survey: A probable Brambling heard calling near the bird table in section T2. Others in order of frequency (S= singing): 22 Blue Tits(S)!, 9 Coal Tits(S), 7 Robins(S), Jackdaws, 5 Blackbirds, Marsh Tits(S), Great Tits(S), 4 Song Thrushes(S),Crows, 3 Chaffinches(S), Wrens(S), Siskins(at the bird table), 2 Nuthatches(bird table), Mistle Thrushes(S), 1 Goldfinch, Magpie, Dunnock(S), Goldcrest, Long-tailed Tit, also 2 Bullfinches, 2 Mallards in the meadows.(RG,JC,JohnD,HughS)

20th February: Hare, Frog, Redpoll, c6 Dotted Borders
The team created a couple of scallops in section J, to continue next week. Chainsaws used. (RG,JC,GW,HughS,VG,SM,TS,SD,MW,HelenS,MC, George Clark)

16th February: Nuthatch (2); Blue Tit 29(13); Great Tit 15(12); Coal Tit (5); Marsh Tit (1); Long-tailed Tit (1); Robin 1(1); Chaffinch 9(1); Brambling 1; Lesser Redpoll 2; Siskin 2.  Totals: 59 birds ringed from 6 species; 36 birds recaptured from 8 species, making 95 birds processed from 12 species.First Brambling since 2011 (Simon Tucker)

13th February: Woodcock (Maurice Watkin)
The team all but finished coppicing using chainsaws.(RG,GW,KS,VG,MW,SD,HughS,MC,JohnD,TS,HelenS)

6th February:
The team continued coppicing in T2.

30th January: Woodcock (Maurice Watkin).

23rd January: Singing Marsh Tit, 2 Lesser Redpolls, c30 Redwings, drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker also a .....
The team split and Geoff's group finished the hedgelaying along Pink Lane for this season. The rest of us coppiced in T2. (RG,JC,GW,KS,JohnD,HS,SM,JaneD,MC,TS,SD,HelenS)

16th January: Raven pair
The team split into hedge-laying and coppicing groups as last week, also Trevor and Maurice used chainsaws in the coupe of larger trees. Rain curtailed the day - we finished at 1.30pm. (RG,GW,JC,KS,SD,JohnD,VG,TS,John Theobald, HelenS,JaneD,SM,MW,MC)

10th January: Woodcock & 2 Treecreepers (MW)

9th January: Raven, Marsh Tit, Winter Moth
The team continued coppicing and hedge-laying as last week. (RG.GW,JC,KS,SD,VG,SM,JohnD,MC,MW,JB,HelenS,JaneD)
Winter Moth (RG)

2nd January: 2 Mottled Umbers, and Jay and Marsh Tit at the feeder.
The team split - Geoff's team started section 4 of the roadside hedge while the rest finished clearing the rides of flailed material and then continued coppicing. ( RG,GW,JC,KS,SM,SD,MC,JohnD,HelenS,JaneD)
Mottled Umber (RG)