The Morris Ring was formed over 80 years ago to encourage the performance of the Morris, to maintain its traditions and to preserve its history; to bring into contact all the Men's Morris Clubs or Teams. It is now an association of 150 Men's Morris, Sword and Mummers Clubs and Teams.
The Women’s Morris Federation was officially inaugurated in October 1975. The Federation thus began as an organisation for female sides only. In 1980, it opened its doors to mixed sides and in 1982 it became open to any Morris side. A year later, the word ‘Women’s’ was dropped from the name.
Open Morris began in 1979 as a loose organisation of East Anglian dancers. Interest in Open Morris began to spread further afield, and the organisation now has about one hundred and forty five member sides from all over Britain.
EFDSS is the national folk arts development organisation for England. the organisation champions the English traditional arts – music, song, dance, storytelling, customs and traditions – as part of the rich and diverse cultural landscape of the UK.