The RavenMyst Circle

Welcome Seeker.  RavenMyst Circle is a tradition of American Wicca.  We are a loosely organized group of covens with a common set of rituals and practices.  We are joined in heart and soul, united by our practice of the earth-based spirituality called Wicca.  We seek harmony with Mother Earth, the Universe, and all the creatures living on those planes of existence. 

Our Lineage

Ravenmyst Circle can claim a connection to the origins of modern Wicca, albeit distantly. Gerald Gardner initiated our nearest linear ancestor, Raymond Buckland. It is through Buckland and his connection to Michael Ragan, Lord Serphant of the family of SerpentStone, and Silver RavenWolf that many of us in Ravenmyst are linked to the birth of Witchcraft, or Wicca as it is most commonly recognized today. Ravenmyst's founders each received at least one of their elevations from Lady Silver. One was Initiated by Lord Serphant.

While our connection cannot be termed Gardnerian lineage per se, it is known that Michael Ragan honored Lord Serphant by bestowing eldering on him and later in his life Lord Serphant bestowed the honor of eldering onto Lady Silver.

Buckland wrote that he initiated Ragan into the Saxon tradition, not Gardnerian, and that Michael Ragan immediately left the Saxon tradition to form his own Celtic tradition. Therefore, the connection between Gerald Gardner and Ravenmyst Circle is through the honor of eldering, not Initiation or Elevation. Nevertheless, we are proud of the hands that brought us here, and those who have benefited the Craft through their service.

While our connection may not be considered in the form of Old Gard lineage nor do we make any such representation, we nevertheless trace a physical, as well as a spiritual link, to those who have gone before us.

It is the way of the Craft.

Why a Trad?

So what about this whole concept of lineage? Does a traditional Witch make a better practitioner than an eclectic Witch? Will a person trained and elevated under the RavenMyst Circle be more valid than someone who studies on his or her own?

We think it is important to remember the real distinction the Traditional Craft offers. A person associating with a group is likely to come away with a more uniform and disciplined application of the Craft, but certainly not with more validity than a person who embraces the Old Ways on his or her own. In joining with like-minded people, those trained under a formal group simply come away with a blend of their own interests and talents and the benefits that the group mind has to offer. There is little doubt that the unity of a group is something that intensifies and focuses the unique gifts and talents that each individual brings to the group, but under the stars, all magickal people are equal.

One of the few significant differences, other than the pleasures of working within a group, between being with this group, and being on your own, is that if you choose to elevate to Third Degree and become clergy in Ravenmyst, you will have the certification to apply as proof of your ordination. Other than that, all forms of the worship of Spirit are meaningful and respected by those who embrace the Craft. It is not about hierarchy, it is about spirituality.

Our Covens

Like any group. we ebb and flow with time.  People join and people leave.  Covens form and covens close.  It is the flow of the energy of life.  Below is a list of covens, and where possible, their general locations.  See the Covens page for more information.

Coven of the Raven

Coven of the Falcon is closed to new members.

Coven of the Redtail Hawk is closed to new members.

Coven of the Heron has members near Ithaca, NY and the High Priestess, Lady Blaze has relocated to Salisbury, MD.

Coven of the Nightingale is located in Central New York.

Coven of the Wolves is located in Arizona.

Cove of the Crane is located in Pennsylvannia.

Coven of the Turkey Vulture is located in Michigan.

Coven of the Loon is located in Central New York.

Coven of the Night Owl is located in Central New York, near Ithaca.

Coven of the Swan is located in Central New York, near Ithaca, and is not accepting new members.

Coven of the Dragonfly is located near Bainbridge, NY.

Coven of the SparrowHawk is located near Sydney, NY.

Coven of the Redwnged Blackbird is located in Cortland, NY.

Coven of the Blue Jay is located in New England.


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