Titles and Ranks


    In the Order of the Lion, one can get a title just by being good, active, helpful, and so on. The more titles you get the more beneficial they are for you in the guild. There are a couple of title classes. They are all listed on this page.

Rank Titles

Rank titles are the titles given to you by the Guild Master and are important because they determine your place in the guild. This is the guild title rank structure.



                                                    Baron          Colonel







 More About Ranks and How to Earn Them

    Duke: Rank held by the official leader and founder of the guild, Duke Leomir R. "Lionheart" Barov, Earl of Stormwind.

    Count: Rank held by the Left and Right hands of Duke Lionheart (there are only two present at one time).

     Baron: Rank held by a Senior Knight, also known as Senator, is given to Knights who have exceeded in diplomacy, politics, or other civil aspects.

     Colonel: Rank held by a Senior Knight, also known as Commander, is given to Knights who have exceeded in war tactics, strategy, or other military aspects.

   Knight: Rank held by an officer who has accomplished Knighthood training and is a member of the Council of the Lion.

    Edler: Rank held by people who have gotten to the second part of Knighthood training and are apprentices to a Knight, or other member of the Council.

    Lieutenant: Rank held by people who have begun their Knighthood training,

    Esquire: Rank held by a respected veteran of the guild who has proved his allegiance to the Order and cause, his voice is always heeded by the Congress of the Lion. Members are not likely to move past this rank.

    Page: Complete member of Order of the Lion who has a privilege to use guild bank, receive help from other members, and speak during the Congresses.

    To earn a rank what you really need to do is just be active, attend meetings, help others, and make yourself known to members. If you expect fast ranking within a short period of time then you can as well forget it and leave the Order but if you are determined and ready for a long journey then one day you may be able to receive the highest honors. Everything is up to you and as Duke Lionheart always says "Every man is the blacksmith of his own destiny". Hence, it is up to you to decide to be loyal and determined or not. Once at least season 30 and at least rank "Esquire" you may send a letter to Duke Leomir (later reviewed by the Council of the Lion) with a request to begin your Knight training. The Council will vote and decide whether you are ready. You may have to try and send your petition more than once before you are finally allowed to be promoted to "Lieutenant" and begin the first stage of the training. Remember: even if you become a Lieutenant, there will be no guarantee that you will pass the training, so remember that.

Knight Training

    This information is for those who have reached the rank "Lieutenant" and are not sure what to do now. For your Knight training you can do many things. Be creative, some of them are: helping your guild members by creating free crafted items for them, providing them profession materials, donating money and *necessary* items to Guild Bank, getting a job in the guild (See Wanted for Jobs page), questing together, assaulting instances, and helping any way you can. A Knight must learn to serve before he becomes a leader himself. The things above are just examples of what could be done, and the more creative you are with making up your own helpful things to improve the guild, the greater are your chances of moving up a rank to continue to the second stage of Knighthood Training...

    At rank "Edler" everything becomes even harder. You still have to continue doing all the above things but at the same time you will be an apprentice to one of the Council members (you will not be allowed to speak during officer meetings but you will listen and you can throw in ideas for your Master-Knight to say).  You will be required to fight Horde in distant lands, and you will be sent off to missions by the Council. This stage is the longest and hardest, good luck.

    NOTE: Every single thing you do (e.g. donate money, help out other members in any way) M U S T be sent to Leomir through mail with a complete written description which will be presented to the Council upon deciding if you are ready for promotion!!! (This is only for ranks Lieutenant and Edler!)

Cavalier Titles

    The Chivalry Orders of the guild are gained by many brave souls. The higher your Chivalry Order is the more chances you have for a higher rank or an award. The ranks go from lowest (number 1, Virtue being the lowest) to highest (number 9, Light being the highest). One earns an award such as this through heroic and good deeds. Each of the following ranks has three degrees, I being the highest one and III being the lowest one.

Cavalier of Light

Cavalier of Chivalry

Cavalier of Faith

Cavalier of Hope

Cavalier of Valor

Cavalier of Courage

Cavalier of Honor

Cavalier of Temperance

Cavalier of Virtue 

Regional Titles

     The so-called "regional" titles is when an officer is given a title like "Constable of Goldshire" or "Earl of Duskwood". Those titles carry two functions. When one is an Earl of a territory then he/she is somewhat responsible for protecting it and making sure that the guild members in that territory are satisfied and safe. The other function for it is the show of power. If one of the Constables or Magistrates is in charge of a small location like Ridgepoint Tower he or she will not be as powerful as a Constable of an area like Westbrook. The people who hold such high positions as Earl of a territory means that they deserve the highest respect from the guild members. Here is a history of some these titles.


Earl of Stormwind

    I. Duke Leomir Richard "Lionheart" Barov, Cavalier of Light I

Earl of Ironforge

    I. Count Nefertem Khnum, Cavalier of Temperance I

Earl of Exodar

    I. Count Nephalem Inarius, Cavalier of Temperance I



Magistrate of Lakeshire

    I. Duchess Primella Barov-Dalson, Cavalier of Virtue III

Magistrate of Northshire

    I. Baron Mathew (Ardrex) Bastion Northfold, Cavalier of Virtue I


Senior Senator

    I. Baroness Squizzle McFidgewidget, Cavalier of Virtue II

Junior Senator

     I. Sir Theoderic Northshire, Cavalier of Virtue I


Colonel-Commander of Westbrook

    I. Sir Eresan Torchsight, Cavalier of Temperance II


Major-Commanders of Darkshire

    I. Sir Cardrius Bartholdi, Cavalier of Temperance  III


Captain-Commanders of Westbrook

    I. Sir Andrew Delhast the Fourth, Cavalier of Temperance II


Constable of Goldshire 

    I. Sir Wolfgang Noxid, Cavalier of Virtue I

Constable of Kharanos
    I. Sir Kerul Davshire, Cavalier of Virtue I
Constable of Northshire
    I. Sir Ioan Fabian Barov

Other Cavaliers

    I. Mr. Nightadam Forest, Cavalier of Virtue I

    II. Mr. D' Gnomeregan, Cavalier of Virtue I

    III. Mr. Rhoar Penndragon, Cavalier of Virtue I

    IV. Ms. Riannia Lightbearer, Cavalier of Virtue II

    V.  Mr. Davan Holled, Cavalier of Virtue II

    VI. Ms. Tsumugari Forestwhisper, Cavalier of Virtue II

    VII. Mr. Blugnutt Lightforge, Cavalier of Virtue III

    VIII. Mr. Dellrias Swiftstalker, Cavalier of Virtue III

    IX. Mr. Drake Humphries, Cavalier of Virtue III

    X. Sister Sareneth Vryce, Cavalier of Virtue III