Army of the Lion


Army of the Lion is the official military force of the Order of the Lion. Army of the Lion consists of the Lionheart Infantry Unit, Lionheart Cavalry Unit, and Lionheart Militia Unit.  The first two are the regular armies of the Order, but the last one is made of all the members not in a regular army. Commanders of those forces lead the armies to battle, all united under the guidance of Duke Leomir Lionheart. To join the Army of the Lion you must speak with either Duke Leomir or with the current Captain-Commander (leader of the LIU). The members of the Army are required to answer any call to arms the leader of their unit raises to help defend the lands of Alliance (unless you have a good reason not to come). Signing up for the Army but refusing to follow orders may cause you to be tried by the Military Tribunal.

NOTE: Joining the Army is not a requirement