Guild Codex

The Rules and Basic Etiquette of Order of the Lion

The Codex of Order of the Lion

Part I

    I. The use of any non-game related abbreviations is inappropriate in this heavy RP guild. 

       A) This includes but NOT LIMITED TO: "lol, plz, ty, np, brb, y, u".

       B) This includes non-game related Out Of Character Symbols: ":), :P, ;), QQ".

       C) The following game-related types of abbreviations are alright to use: WTS, WTB, VC, DM, LFG.

    II. Any language used to abuse a guild member and guild allies shall not be tolerated.

    III. No abusive behavior will be tolerated.

    IV. Continuous non-RP actions will not be tolerated.

    V. If speaking Out of Character in Guild Chat please use ((example)), [example], (OOC), or something that would mark your words as OOC. A better option is to use our OOC chanel ( LionOOC )

    VI. RPing a character of a non-playable race is against the rules and RP boundaries.

    VII. Taking a name or title of great heroes of Warcraft (like Lightbringer or Stormrage)

    VIII. Everyone must be in the OOC channel. To join the channel type in /join LionOOC 

    IX. All the guild members should go to and install MyRolePlay addon.

    Part II

     I. In case one decides to leave the Order of the Lion and later changes his or her mind and decides to come back, he or she must go through a trial process, where the Council of the Lion will look through the person's case and decide whether to let him or her back and whether they should penalize the person. [The right of granting amnesty is given to the leader of the Order].

    II. Please show healthy respect for your higher officers that includes but NOT LIMITED to the following:

       A) No harassment (verbal or physical) or disrespectful actions should be taken by lower ranking members toward the higher ranking officers, however, if an officer is harassing a low ranking individual the victim must report to another high ranking individual right away, and if that does not work either they should report straight to the Duke.

      B) Salute your higher ranking officers when meeting them in person. It is a custom that the lower ranks salute first and the higher ranks salute back (only required during formal meetings).

      C) Do not speak of your higher ranking officers in the third person when they are online or when you meet them. That includes officers speaking of lower ranks (with the exceptions during the court trials). 

    III. During the guild events the members are expected to behave properly and appropriately to the situation. That includes but NOT LIMITED TO: not dancing naked during a guild ball or party, speaking out when it is allowed, respecting all the other members no matter the race, class, or rank.

    IV. Members of the Order of the Lion are not allowed to wear the Jaina's Signet Ring. If you see the ring on someone's finger report to an officer immediately. Breaking this rule will result in a trial against you. (OBSOLETE, THIS LAW HAS BEEN CANCELED)

    V. Any verbal attacks against King Anduin Wrynn, King Magni Bronzebeard, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, Archbishop Benedictus (Jarl), Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage, Prophet Velen, or Queen Tyrande Starwhisper will not be tolerated and will cause you to undergo a trial on charge of "Spreading anti-Alliance ideas". If you see someone spread these ideas report to Duke Lionheart immediately. (This includes challenging any of the above people's rights to their power).

    VI. Drinking is forbidden when there is a total call to arms (the Duke is requiring the whole guild no matter whether in the army or not to arrive to protect a place) under a threat of death with no trial.

    VII. In case of breaking the Order laws (unless the charges are not threatening to their military reputation), a military member will be tried by a tribunal with Army officers as judges. A civil member of Order of the Lion will be tried by a jury.

    VIII. A tried member of the Order is entitled to defend himself, choose his own lawyer (with the approval of the judge), or request an attorney from the court.