The Order of the Lion Picture Gallery

  Stormwind - one of the bastions of Alliance. This image has become a trademark of the Order of the Lion over the years and could be found on the wall of the Lion House Castle (our HQ)

 Tomb of King Terenas Menethil II of Lordaeron. The Order organizes pilgrimage to pay our respect to him every year during the Harvest Fest

 The Order Banner, always waving over the Lion House

The Cathedral of the Silver Hand was home to Lord Leomir for the first 15 years of his life, now it is a corrupted place full of the Scarlet Crusade members and the building is known as the Scarlet Cathedral

 Tomb of Lord Uther the Lightbringer, one of the two patrons of Order of the Lion, the guild makes yearly trips to his tomb during the Harvest Festival

  Faol's Rest, the grave of High Archbishop Alonsus Faol of Lordaeron, one of the two patrons of Order of the Lion, the guild visits it every year during Harvest Festival

First Guild Congress of the Order of the Lion

Back, left to right: Zharanii Anushor (with cat Nian and bear Rust), Thorimran Fairpaw, Nightadam Forest, Nephalem Inarius, Teoy Leoli;

Front, left to right: Kerul Davshire, Duke Leomir Lionheart, Davan Holled

After the Commander Contest, March 27 2008, left to right:

Major-Commander Cardrius Bartholdi, Duke Leomir R. "Lionheart" Barov, Captain-Commander Andrew Delhast IV

Delhast goes MIA three days later, Bartholdi is stripped of rank four days later

Army of the Lion emblem featuring the Great Seal of the Fourth Alliance with letters "A. L." for Army of the Lion

 Seal of the Lionheart Cavalry Unit, the crown for the Royal Order of King Varian Wrynn to Duke Lionheart on the creation of the new elite army force. The white horse stands for purity and courage shown by these elite riders of the Army of the Lion

A sketch of a Lionheart Infantry Unit footman by Johanes fon Gotz

Baron Mathew Bastion, otherwise known as the Black Baron, former friend of Duke Lionheart and officer of Order of the Lion. Now excommunicated by the Holy Mother Church

Duke Leomir Richard "Lionheart" Barov

Colonel-Commander Eresan Torchsight

Second Congress of the Order of the Lion

Left to Right: Ioan F. Barov-Dalson, Eresan Torchsight, Leomir Barov, Rhoar Penndragon, Squizzle McFidgewidget, Theoderic Northshire, Riannia Lightbearer