Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What is our Out Of Character channel?

The channel name is LionOOC, it can also be found in the in-game guild information.

    2. What are the guild chat rules?

We strongly encourage you to RP in guild chat as much as you want and also we would appreciate if you capitalize letters when needed and watch your spelling and grammar for RP enhancement purposes. Additional information about guild chat rules can be found on this site under section Guild Codex of Chivalry.

    3. Do we have a guild bank?

Yes, we do. We strongly encourage members to use it and not be afraid to withdraw items because otherwise we will have to clear it and sell the extra items.

    4. How does one get a promotion?

The best way to get a promotion is to let people know you're there. Speak out and RP a lot in Guild Chat, come to meetings, participate and host guild events. Additional information can be found under Titles and Ranks section of this site.    

    5. How does one join the regular army of the Order (Army of the Lion)?

Speak with Duke Leomir or the current Captain-Commander of the Lionheart Infantry Unit.

    6. What is the setting of the Order's guild chat?

The setting of the Order's guild chat  is the Lion House Castle (that's what we call Westbrook Garrison, building we've been using as our HQ for two years). You can also RP from outside the Lion House being anywhere in the world by using your Hearthstone as a "video phone" of sorts.