Guild RP PvP Events

  Order of the Lion holds weekly RP and monthly PvP events. We also annually celebrate the historical days of the Order (see homepage at the bottom). OOL holds a variety of events, some of them...

  • Guild Party - usually held on the Darkshore coast in Kalimdor, it is an informal meeting for people to dance, eat, drink, and just communicate.
  • Guild Season Ball - there are  Summer, Winter, Spring, and Autumn Balls hosted by the Order of the Lion. There is a dress code, people come with their dates to celebrate the coming of the new season, usually held in the Stormwind Park, opened to everyone to whom an invitation was sent. 
  • Guild Congress - a formal meeting of all the members to discuss the most important issues of the guild, also to meet new people and to listen to any suggestions our members may have.
  • Story Day - the guild members (and possibly outside guild guests) come together to tell and listen to the RP stories. Usually held in Goldshire or Elwynn Forest.
  • Raid Day - mostly together with our allies, attack on Horde territories around the world.
  • Dungeon Day - mostly for fun, when all the members do a compromise level dungeon where everyone could participate.
  • Hiking Day - a traveling day for the Order, includes great risks like mountain climbing. 
  • Commander Contest - held every two months, a contest that helps loyal members get some money and a higher rank. Also a contest to choose the leaders of the Lionheart Infantry Unit, Lionheart Cavalry Unit, and Lionheart Naval Unit.
  • Tavern Social - a chance for new recruits and veterans to get to know each other better and talk, share life stories, and just have a couple of drinks in a company of friends.
  • Council of the Lion - officer meeting, captains, knights, commanders, barons, colonels, admirals, and the Lord get together to form a sort of parliament of the Order.
  • World Defense Day -  Order members that form the Lionheart Militia Unit get together to protect hot spots of the day.
  • Charity Day - Order members gather items and money to be sold, all profit will be sent to the Guild Bank.
  • Lore Game Day - Order members play a history/geography game about World of Warcraft. Participants, finalists, and winners receive awards.
  • Election Day - Usually on the same day as a Congress; the people choose two Senators to represent them in the Council of the Lion - Senior Senator and Junior Senator.
  • Gambling Day - Order members get together for some casual gambling for small amounts of money.
  • Champion Contest - dueling exercises, shows, tournaments.
  • Fishing Contest - bring your picnic baskets, tinder, wood, and fishing poles with you.


Events History


Congress I - March 1 2008. Present - twelve members. Promoted - seven members. Demoted - zero members. Issues of the day - ranking system, rules, welcome, history, RP guidelines, web page, add-on MyRolePlay. Opened and closed successfully by Duke Lionheart.

Congress II - April 17, 2008. Present - eight members. Promoted - two members. Demoted - zero members. Issues of the day - recruitment, RP profiles, web page, Jaina Proudmoore's standing changed. Elections to Council: Nominated - Squeaker, Ketzer, Rhoar, Riannia, Theoderic. Passed 1st round - Squeaker, Riannia, Theoderic. Won - Squeaker (Senior Senator), Theoderic (Junior Senator). Opened and closed by Duke Lionheart.

Commander Contests

Commander Contest I - March 27 2008. Present - eleven members. Promoted - seven members. Demoted - zero members. Issues of the day - new commanders, medals, military ranks, new army formed. New Major-Commander: Sir Cardrius Bartholdi. New Captain-Commander: Sir Andrew Delhast IV. Joined the Army - five members. Opened and closed successfully by Duke Lionheart.

Lore Game Challenge

Lore Game Challenge I - April 1 - April 30 2008 4 rounds and Finals. Finalists: Tsumugari, . Winner: .