The Unfavored

    NOTE: Any Esquire+ can petition against the below being in the Blacklist by sending a letter to Leomir with your request/petition. For more information about adding or taking someone out of the Blacklist speak to Leomir.

    The Blacklisted are persons and organizations that are either Isolated, Excommunicated, or Condemned by Order of the Lion. The Isolated are in neutral relationship with the Order, the members try not to communicate with them and to avoid working with them. 

    The Excommunicated are generally disliked by the Order members, the Order members should not help them, the Excommunicated are also sometimes loathed. Official policy towards the Excommunicated includes ignoring the rivals (NOTE: Neither the Isolated nor the Excommunicated are officially considered enemies of the Order).

    The Condemned are the official enemies of the Order, hated and ignored, these persons and organizations should be avoided at all cost. Sometimes the Duke Lionheart calls small crusades against the Condemned.

The Isolated

  • Cardrius Bartholdi - for breaking the Codex of the Lion whilst holding a high ranking office in the guild. Deprived from rank.
  • Arch Druid Fandral Staghelm - for questioning the authority of the Night Elven head of state High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind and accusations of storing large amounts of dangerous herbs with a goal of possibly cursing his rivals within the Alliance.
  • The Argent Dawn - for allowing the Horde members into its ranks and for joining the Heretics of the Holy Light.

The Excommunicated

The Condemned

  • The Scarlet Crusade - for turning against the righteous, being blinded with paranoia, fear, rage, and vengeance.
  • The Dark Iron Dwarves - for challenging the authority of righteous rulers, summoning Ragnaros, pretending to the thrones of Wildhammers and Bronzebeards, sending terror upon the poor and the weak, exploiting the world with their own selfish interests.
  • The Defias Brotherhood - for defying the power of the Alliance, killing the innocent, sending famine upon Westfall using goblin engineering, ravaging the farms, unleashing chaos, and burning down of ecologically important trees.
  • Edwin VanCleef - for leading the rebels against the powers of Alliance.