Order of the Lion 

(Ravenholdt Version) 

"For the Order! For Alliance! For the Light!"

Duke Leomir Lionheart


The Order of the Lion is currently closed for a long council in which the guild will undergo serious reforms and will come back again in the beginning of year 2009. Thank you for your patience. For any question please speak to Leomir or, better yet, e-mail to RavenholdtLion.googlepages.com 


We are a heavy RP guild that which has a goal of uniting all the RP people who can't find a good RP guild under our banners. Our guild is based upon the teaching of the Light. We give our lives to fighting against the Horde, the Burning Legion, and most importantly - the Undead Scourge that ruined the homeland of many of our members. We oppose the dark Magic and everything that goes against the Alliance and the Light. Let us move forward to victory! Let us, together, protect the liberty of the last standing free races of Azeroth!

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Significant Events in Guild History

October 21 2006      - Order of the Lion founded as a secret knight order by 

                                  Leomir Lionheart.

February 28 2008  - Order of the Lion becomes a public organization.

March 1 2008         - the First Guild Congress.

March 24 2008       -  guild "The Romantics" becomes part of the Order of the                                    Lion.

March 27 2008        -  First Captain Contest, winners of Captain-Commander 

                                   and Major-Commander seats were Sir Andrew Delhast  

                                    IV and Sir Cardrius Bartholdi.

March 31 2008        - Sir Andrew Delhast IV missing in action at Southshore.

April 1 2008            - Sir Cardrius Bartholdi stripped of rank, Bartholdi left the                                   Order soon after.

April 28 2008          - Sir Andrew Delhast IV found alive within the ranks of 

                                  Scarlet Crusade, his memory lost.

May 3 2008             - Father Benedict fon Hotz, the Order's chaplain passes                                       away.


Guild Founder and Leader

Duke Lionheart

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