Robert A. Van Gorder

Robert A. Van Gorder

Mathematical Institute

University of Oxford

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I am an applied mathematician with broad interests, often involving the application of mathematical modeling as well as tools from partial differential equations, asymptotic analysis, and dynamical systems to the study of problems arising in many areas of science and engineering. Specific application areas of interest have included heat and mass transfer (fluids, vortex dynamics, bubbles, boundary layers, multiphase flows, fluid-solid or fluid-particle interactions, solidification), nonlinear dynamics (instability, chaos, pattern formation, turbulence), physics (non-equilibrium thermodynamics, chemistry, condensed matter physics, integrable systems, nonlinear waves), biology and ecology, game theory, econophysics, in addition to miscellaneous problems arising in science, engineering, and industry. My publication list highlights a number of past and continuing interests. Furthermore, I am happy to involve proactive students in aspects of my research work, and my student supervision list provides further details about the kinds of projects I am interested in supervising.

I hold BS (2009), MS (2013), and PhD (2014) degrees, all in mathematics, and all from the University of Central Florida (UCF), where I was an National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2011-2014) and earlier a Trustees Doctoral Fellow (2009-2011). I was at the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford from 2014 to 2018, where I was first appointed as a Research Fellow in Nonlinear Dynamics (2014-2015) and later as a Senior Research Fellow (2015-2018) upon the award of a Glasstone Research Fellowship in Science.

For publication and citation data, see my Google Scholar page. You can also find my papers listed on ResearchGate, although due to copyright issues I do not generally post copies of my papers online. However, if you require any of my papers, just send me an email and I will try my best to get you a pdf reprint in a timely manner. A full publication list, sorted by sub-field, is given here.

I have taught a variety of courses in mathematics and its applications; former courses are listed here.

Robert A. Van Gorder