Short CV
"Juan de la Cierva" Fellow, MAIN group (UGR)
Research Fellow, Plasmon Nano-Optics (ICFO)
Postdoc Researcher, Optical Tweezers (ICFO)
Postdoc Researcher, CAPMIX (U. Milan Bicocca)
Visiting Student, Bellini's lab (U. Milan)
Visiting Student, Bazant's group (MIT)
Visiting Student, Lab of Prof. Otto Glatter (University of Graz)
B.S. and M.S. Physics, (UGR)

Research Interests

My research interests now are quite broad. In brief:

Trapped ions
Optomechanics with levitated nanoparticles
Stochastic Thermodynamics
Optical Tweezers
Capacitive Mixing
Electrokinetics in porous media

  • First fluorescence signal from a cloud of 40Ca+ ions in the microtrap!!!

  • Since March 2017 we have been working on the assembly of a novel double microtrap system as Paul traps. After a hard effort, we detected a cloud of calcium ions for the first time in this system. 
  • Pau successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Mestres!!! News from ICFO
  • New submission! Check out my first paper with real ions here
  • Next week I'll be at ICFO for the Maser School + Symposium on Optical trapping in honor of Dima Petrov 
  • New paper out in Nature Communications! 
    Optically levitated nanoparticle as a model system for stochastic bistable dynamics Link to Journal (Open Access)
  • Our Review of colloidal heat engines was accepted and published in Soft Matter