The RattatAjedrez chess engine

RattatAjedrez is a chess engine, i.e. the "brain" of a computer program to play chess, and it aims to be a state-of-the-art engine. It is the successor of RattateChess, it is written in much cleaner code, and will focus on automatic tuning of the evaluation function and search parameters. It is under development right now, and it will be released as soon as it will overtake the old program.

The old RattateChess engine

Here is for download the glorious RattateChess, who partecipated in the Bologna tournament in 2007, achieving the 8th position out of 16 participants. While i'm no longer improving it, i'm releasing a fixed version because i've now found a few terrible bugs (the fixes are quite improving the strength in any case).

Version 1.0 "Nosferatu" (24 Feb 2010)
    Win32 EXE:        Linux/Source: rattatechess_nosferatu_src.tar.gz

Version 1.0-rc1 "Bologna 2007"

The Book:
    BOOK: (11Mb)