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Ration Card AP- Questions

What is a Ration Card ?
A Ration Card is a very useful document for Indian citizens. It helps save money by aiding in the procurement of essential commodities at a subsidised rate. It has also become an important tool of identification now-a-days. You may need to produce a copy of your Ration Card as proof of identification when applying for other documents like Domicile Certificate, for inclusion of your name in the Electoral Rolls, etc.

Who can apply for a Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh?
Normally new ration cards are issued to all the eligible families after a Govt. notification. Ration cards are basically of two types
White Cards (D Cards) -White cards are issued to the people who are having less than Rs. 11000 income
Pink Cards (ABC Cards)-Pink Cards are issued to people who have an income more than Rs. 11000.

How to apply for new Ration Card in Andhra Pradesh?
You need to first contact the local circle office(Police Station), and obtain an application form for Ration Card,from your local inspector.
Submit the application form  along with the required documentation.
The local circle office will visit your residence and verify the authenticity of the details provided in the application. 
After verification, Ration Card is Issued.

What do you mean by Ration Card Mutation Service ?
Any change in your home Address, Name Correction, Change in Date of Birth for an existing Ration Card, and Application for Duplicate Ration Card(In case of a lost card), qualify under Ration Card Mutation Service.
If you require any of this services you can do it through the Online Ration Card Mutation Services.

What is Online Ration Card Mutation Services?
The State government of Andhra Pradesh, has launched a mutation services online through its citizen service centers where citizens can avail the Ration Card Mutation Service.
Note-This service will NOT apply to addition of new names in the cards except for new borns, in which case the holders need to go through a fresh process involving biometric identification of all the family members.

How do I find the citizen service center?
Click here to find the closest service center near you.