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The purpose of the ASA Section on Rationality and Society is to encourage and enhance research and teaching about the uses and limits of rational choice theory in sociology. The Section seeks to promote communication, collaboration and consultation among scholars in sociology and in allied social science disciplines.
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  • Chair: Jane Sell, Texas A&M University
  • Chair-Elect: Jun Kobayashi, Seikei Univeristy
  • Past Chair: Vincent Buskens, Utrecht University
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Neha Gondal, Boston University
Council Members
  • Katrin Auspurg, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Katie Corcoran, West Virginia University

Chairs since 1994

2018:    Jane Sell
2017:    Vincent Buskens
2016:    Arnout van de Rijt
2015:    Anthony Paik
2014:    Andreas Flache
2013:    Rafael Wittek
2012:    Yoshimichi Sato
2011:    David Willer
2010:    Pamela Oliver
2009:    Brent Simpson
2008:    Trond Petersen
2007:    Edgar Kiser
2006:    Victor Nee
2005:    William I. Brustein
2004:    Scott L. Feld
2003:    Siegwart Lindenberg
2002:    Guilermina Jasso
2001:    Philip Bonacich
2000:    Edward Lawler
1999:    Michael Macy
1998:    Ronald Burt
1997:    Karen Cook
1996:    Douglas Heckathorn
1995:    Michael Hechter
1994:    Michael Hechter

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