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The articles here were not written as a collection, but as standalone pieces on HubPages, under the screen name Paraglider. Most received a lot of attention and feedback from the HubPages community when first published, but made less headway in the wider Internet. People don't naturally turn to HubPages for this type of material.

The common themes that run through the articles are: that the World is better understood without reference to, or reliance on, the supernatural, that situational pragmatism is preferable to any form of dogmatism, and that faith based belief systems are neither necessary nor helpful as the foundation of a fair society.

The author, Dave McClure, is a Physics graduate who has worked for nearly forty years in Broadcast Engineering, the first twenty in the BBC and the second as an independent trainer, contractor and consultant. He is co-founder and Director of TriMedia Middle East FZ LLC, a Dubai based Broadcast Engineering Consultancy.

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