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Hutt City

                          2019 Local Government Elections ( 12th of October 2019 )
                          for more information , go to the Huttt City Council's website here

Last updated :  20180416 
Point Howard Association : pthowardassn@gmail.com
York Bay Residents’ Association: iain.sally@gmail.com

Belmont Ratepayers Improvement Association Inc

( e-mail address obsolete ) October 2017

rbolam@xtra.co.nz, jim.peterson@steelandtube.co.nz, threesistersltd@xtra.co.nz, wyndrum@paradise.net.nz,

, wilsonbarnard@gmail.com, kathleenmackie@yahoo.com, diane@livingstyle.org.nz, amelia.manson@justice.govt.nz, chris_lorna.david@xtra.co.nz, dorothea.chambers@paradise.net.nz, tgm.mam@xtra.co.nz, deljon100@gmail.com

  If you know of any Ratepayers and Residents' Associations that aren't listed here, please send their contact details to us here at : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com