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       Ratepayers' Report

      http://ratesnomore.co.nz/ is no more....  2018
    Draco Foundation :
   Communities and Residents   http://www.c-r.org.nz/

  Read: Jarrod Coburn's Thesis on Residents' groups in New Zealand.

Please check to see if your organisation is listed on the  www.ratepayersandresidents.org.nz  website,
and let us know by if you'd like to add/update or change anything:  ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com 
in order that we be able to communicate and co-ordinate with each other to combine our energies to more effectively achieve the outcomes we seek.

Footnote : 
A large percentage of the addresses Ratepayers and Residents.org.nz have been given by Councils are already out of date and we're encouraging Ratepayer groups around New Zealand to set up e-mail addresses using providers such as gmail , yahoo etc (as opposed to addresses associated with any individual's personal provider account - xtra ,clear,  vodafone.co.nz etc ) - and to use the name of your organisation within the address . e.g. mytownsorganisation@gmail.com  - or which are associated with your organisation's own website e.g. 'me@mytownsorganisation.org.nz
 to ensure that, by being transferrable, your organisation remains contactable after its members inevitably move on.