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Northland Regional Council


  Names and contact details of Candidates for 2019 Northland Regional Council elections to be held on 2019-10-12 - and on the NRC website  here

  If you'd like to know more about Candidates' policies, their contact details:

aussiedims@hotmail.com, jeroen@diving.co.nz, cpthew@gmail.com, dovejoanna@xtra.co.nz, billshepherdnz@gmail.com, joceyeoman@slingshot.co.nz, davidalexanderlourie@gmail.com, rjstolwerk@gmail.com, tiakingawaiohokianga@gmail.com, pennyfsmart@gmail.com,

are available here

Responses to Questions to Candidates can be shared on dedicated pages on : www.ratepayersandresidents.org.nz by sending us an e-mail @ : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com
We can send you the link to the page which can then be sent out via your e-mail or social media networks.
Having access to Candidates' responses online will make it easier for everyone in your area to make an informed decision about who best represents their interests.