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20190130 Submission Re Public Records Act compliance


To the Governance and Administration Committee

( a hearing of evidence for this submission is to be held in Parliament on Wednesday the 8th of May 2019 )

Watch this space for updates and their conclusion. 

This submission is from
Lisa Er of 1 Inaka Place, Titirangi, Auckland 0604 -
regarding the
That the House of Representatives undertake an urgent inquiry into whether Auckland Council has failed to comply with the statutory requirements of section 17(1) of the Public Records Act 2005.”

(I can be contacted on 021 777 473 or at lisa.er@theawarenessparty.com)

This submission also includes information from
Alan William Preston
Jacquelyne Taylor
Lisa Prager
and Auckland Mayoral candidate, John Tamihere – letters to come

The petition was set up by both Lisa Er and Alan William Preston on behalf of well known activist Penny Bright, now deceased, after she had been refusing to pay her rates until Auckland Council was more transparent about where rate payer’s money is going.

1. Open the books,” was Penny Bright’s catch phrase and this petition is intended to continue her very valuable work insisting on transparency.

Penny asserts that The Public Records Act is not being fully implemented and enforced in New Zealand.
Ratepayers have a right to know how their money is being spent.

NZ law is very clear on this requirement for transparency in public spending:

Requirement to create and maintain records

17 (1) Every public office and local authority must create and maintain full and accurate records of its affairs, in accordance with normal, prudent business practice, including the records of any matter that is contracted out to an independent contractor.

The petition requests that the House of Representatives undertake an urgent inquiry into whether Auckland Council has failed to comply with the statutory requirements of section 17(1) of the Public Records Act 2005.

Penny Bright has argued that private procurement, or “contracting out” of public services, formerly provided in-house by staff directly employed under the public service model, is often done under contract management. If there is no cost-benefit analysis which proves that privatisation is more cost-effective for the public majority of taxpayers and ratepayers, then questions must be asked.

How can ratepayers check for cost-effectiveness in the spending of public funds, if we can’t follow the money?

Despite Penny Bright’s ongoing investigations since 2008, and more recently Alan Preston’s inquiries under the Official Information Act, we are still unable to ascertain whether Auckland Council is complying with the legislation.

It is of interest that the Chief Ombudsman, Peter Boshier, is warning councils there will be a tighter focus on their obligations under Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act. We are now highlighting another area that requires government investigation.

It is also of note that a person not previously known to us, Susan Wann, has a petition asking “That the House of Representatives conduct an independent inquiry into Auckland Council's performance, including financial accountability, and then pass legislation reforming Auckland's local government.”

It appears that others have concerns around Auckland Council’s performance.
In fact Councillor Cathy Casey has been
in the news for Auckland Council's "secretive" culture.

Our Petition Reason states that

Council needs to provide the following details of awarded contracts on the websites of Auckland Council and Auckland Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs): the unique contract number; name of consultant/contractor; a brief description of scope of contract; contract start/ finish dates; exact dollar value of every contract, including those sub-contracted; how contract was awarded, by direct appointment or public appointment or public tender.”

Why would rate payers want to see this information?
Auckland Council reveals nothing about what it actually costs them to outsource services. It is certain that it cost a lot more than when we were not a Supercity.
The government of the time thought that the different local bodies governing the region, the Auckland Regional Council and the region's seven Councils, would fail to co-ordinate the provision of services as the population grew. The Supercity was born on the premise it would improve Council efficiencies, and crucially, coordinate and speed up the delivery of infrastructure and housing. We were sold that story.
However this has not been so. Auckland Council is an unwieldy money drain, and the people making money from us ratepayers are private contractors, often taking their profits overseas, as with Downer, Ventia, and Transdev, as examples.

Analysis is required that will shed light on the true costs of contractor billing rates in comparison with the cost of employing council employees to perform comparable work.
Since Auckland council is not being transparent about costs, I doubt it is doing a good job of obtaining genuine market prices, and therefore the savings promised in connection with outsourcing services are not being realized.
Ratepayers have the right to know this sort of information, and subsequently vote for councillors who also have concerns about this and who believe in

State Capture,
where corporate vested interests get their way at the policy level of council (or government), gets laws passed that serve their interests.

With whom are the policy analysts consulting, before legislation goes through the council’s machine?
Here’s an example: Auckland Transport has appointed Shane Ellison as its new Chief Executive. Prior to 2011 Mr Ellison was located in Paris with Transdev where he was responsible for global corporate development and innovation. Transdev (previously Veolia) runs Auckland’s trains!
Shane Ellison’s salary is $579k in comparison with the Mayor’s $280k – showing that Council Controlled Organisations have too much power and take too much from ratepayers contributions. Note - Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson earns a whopping $750k.

Associate Minister for Transport, Green Party MP, Julianne Genter is married to Peter Munns who is principal economist for MRCagney that advises Auckland Transport on cycle ways. Perhaps Auckland’s push to create cycleways, when our aging sewage system is polluting our harbours, shows an ideology that is not allowing for a balanced use of Auckland Council / Auckland Transport’s money but rather a determination to get people out of their cars. 
This push to build cycle ways is also driven by the corporate sector who wants the contracts to build them. Many of the cycle ways appear to be unused most of the time.

In this article John Tamihere asks who actually controls Auckland City and the massive council-controlled organisations.
He lists some of the huge salaries that the CEOs of the CCOs receive – more than the mayor and the prime minister. (Article also printed below.)

Democracy for rate payers.
It is of note that it is not the elected members of Auckland Council that are spending our ratepayers money with gay abandon, rather Council employees, but I am sure the mayor and other councillors must know something of this situation.

Auckland Council’s web site CEO Stephen Town actually says, “I am responsible for leading Auckland Council, and ensuring that we do what we say we will do and deliver. Note – he does not say he will do what ratepayers and elected councillors require him to do as a servant of the people!

On Jan 14 of this year the NZ Tax Payer’s Union out this press release.:

"The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union can reveal that Minister for Local Government Nanaia Mahuta has not met with a ratepayer association since her appointment in 2017. Not even one.
Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says, “Given the challenge every ratepayer in the country is feeling about costs being out of control at most town halls, many will be shocked to learn the Minister hasn’t bothered to speak to a single resident or ratepayer groups. Not even one.”

This is very concerning as many ratepayers across the country are distressed about the increase in rates, without services improving, and I am sure that the contracting out of services to the private sector is a major problem everywhere and Ms Mahuta needs to listen to the people on this topic.

I think all local governments in New Zealand require this government to step up and insist on the transparency required by section 17 of the 2005 public records act. Not just Auckland.

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is a nonpartisan independent watchdog that investigates and exposes waste, corruption, abuse of power, and when the (US) government fails to serve the public, or silences those who report wrongdoing. Here is an article with the title, “Bad Business: Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Wasted on Hiring Contractors”, which basically outlines why we ratepayers are paying more than we should to private contractors. I hope you go to the web site. In it it says:
“Federal government employees were less expensive than contractors in 33 of the 35 occupational classifications POGO reviewed.

In one instance, contractor billing rates were nearly 5 times more than the full compensation paid to federal employees performing comparable services.

Private sector compensation was lower than contractor billing rates in all 35 occupational classifications we reviewed.

The federal government has failed to determine how much money it saves or wastes by outsourcing, insourcing, or retaining services, and has no system for doing so.’

I don’t see that New Zealand would be much different.
Where is the analysis showing whether contracting out is cheaper than in house? There is none – and why – because the private sector want to keep this hidden, and the Council don’t want to reveal the massive mistake that Rodney Hide and the government foisted upon us.
It appears that there is no cost-benefit analysis on what it actually costs the council to outsource services – certainly none that we ratepayers can see.
The public should know about this lack of information, and be given the opportunity to return to an in house system since contracting out is proving to be more expensive for rate payers.


2. Here are some opinions that Penny Bright would have submitted if she was still with us:

Penny is one of the few people in the world actually saying that the root cause of most grand corruption- is PRIVATISATION.

How is it decided who GETS the contracts?

Remember - back in 2010 - the global amount estimated to be paid in bribery and corruption was $2.5 TRILLION!

This is a BIG deal.

The whole Neo-liberal myth and mantra - 'public is bad - private is good' upon which this massive privatisation of public services, locally, nationally and internationally was based - was NOT 'evidence based'.

The BIG business globalists - just MADE IT UP!

If there is no 'cost-benefit analysis' which proves the privatisation (contracting out of public services) is more cost-effective' for the public majority of taxpayers and ratepayers - then it's 'CORPORATE welfare'.

Penny asks the most pertinent questions.

Shouldn't the public majority (the 99%) benefit from public monies - not a small minority of private corporates (the 1%)?

While there is a punitive 'Social WARfare' /'War on the Poor' regime waged against the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, there is, a completely different attitude towards the rich' on 'corporate welfare'.

Where exactly are billion$ of public monies being spent on private sector consultants and contractors?

How can you check for 'cost-effectiveness' in the spending of public monies being spent on private sector consultant$ and contractors, if you don't know exactly where these costs fall?


NZ LAW is very clear on this requirement for transparency in public spending.

How can you have transparency or accountability without full and accurate records available for public scrutiny?

The NZ Public Records Act 2005 has been the LAW for the last TWELVE years.

Why is the Public Records Act not being fully implemented and enforced?

Penny clearly states that the full implementation and enforcement of the NZ Public Records Act 2005, would transform transparency and accountability, and this should be an urgent priority for this new Labour-led Coalition Government.

Penny’s call for transparency includes:







The above writing is essentially Penny’s and was taken from my radio interview with Penny Bright on Greenplanetfm in November 2017.


3. Jacquelyn Taylor- close associate of Penny Bright - adds to this:

There are so many AT Auckland Council CCO and private Corporate conflicts of interests in my view, as well as failures to provide ALL ratepayers with value for money. I would likely need six months to cite them. Let alone dissect and serve them to the requisite planners and committees with please explain without consultants.

As with others examples of the type of arrogant disregard for failure to treat us as we deserve rather than what they say we have to put up with:

What rates exemptions or other considerations are provided in Rodney or
Waiheke (e.g. for rural properties)? Please explain.
No specific rates exemptions or considerations apply in the Rodney or Waiheke
areas that do not apply to other parts of the Auckland

The key mechanisms that influence the share of rates incurred by these areas include:
Rating on the basis of capital value rather than land value
Rating differentials
o Rural residential - 90% of the urban residential rate
o Rural business -90% of the urban business rate
o Farm and Lifestyle –80% of the urban residential rate
o No road access (includes islands such as Kawau) – 25% of the urban
residential rate

How dare they, given what goes for roads, pavements, lighting ( lack of) drainage, or infrastructure capable of sustaining our permanent population; let alone additional visa students, workers, weekenders, wedding or event visitors, - then add the overseas tourist numbers we have increasing by the year, with little visible cost or any other benefit assessed up grades or allowances made for what they do to our water (all tanks or bores) our environment and use of our 'services' and other resources.

Jacquelyn Taylor
38 Cory Rd
Palm Beach

Waiheke 1081
Mobile 021 466 366
4. Alan Preston reports of the difficulties both he and Penny Bright faced when requesting official information

Petition of Lisa Er - Auckland Council must comply with the Public Records Act 2005

I ( Alan William Preston)  have been motivated to pursue this enquiry having been personally affected by the breakdown of transparency, accountability and good-governance that has taken place over the last 10 + years in Mangawhai (where I live) under the Kaipara District Council AND by the refusals by Auckland Council and Archives New Zealand to provide assurance that Auckland Council is indeed complying with the Public Records Act 2005.

Penny Bright's attempted to get records about contractors.
Here is
another one, but the complainant's name has been redacted because it was sent to me by Archives New Zealand.

A possible role of the recently formed nationwide network Ratepayers New Zealand representing the interests of ratepayers throughout New Zealand could be to organise independent audits of Local Councils and having access to information facilitated through Section 17(1) of the Public Records Act will be a precondition to enabling this.

Related : An enquiry to Archives NZ as to the definition of 'compliance'  by John Creser 2016

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is warning billions of dollars of public money could be being misused.  10 January 2019.
“Citing the Auckland Transport case, where former employees were convicted for accepting more than $1 million worth of bribes in 2016, Ms Read said some organisations overlooked checks and balances when receiving or allocating funds.”
We are concerned that this could be the case with Auckland’s CCOs.

Alan William Preston.
4 Insley Street
Landline: 0064 9 431 5389
Mobile: 021 02377242
E-mail: ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com

5. John Tamihere is standing for Auckland’s Mayor on an ‘Open the Books’ ticket.
Here are his
5 pledges to the people of Auckland, that tie in closely with this petition.

“My Pledge. Shake It Up And Sort It Out

1. Open the Books and Clean the House

Aucklanders pay billions in rates and charges, but where does all that money go? Auckland has ended up with the most council staff ever, the biggest wage bill ever - and yet the most out of touch and secretive management ever. I will open all the doors and open all the books. We will find out who the billions are being paid to, what it’s being spent on, and why.

2. Return Democracy to Neighbourhoods

Too much power in our city is controlled by faceless managers in central Auckland. Control of the city must go back into the hands of the people. I will return local resources and decisions to local elected boards and their communities.

3. Bring Public Assets back under Democratic Control

Three quarters of Auckland Council’s assets are controlled by bureaucrats with no accountability. I want all Council owned organisations under democratic control. As a first step I will appoint elected councillors on every Council business board to ensure openness and oversight.

4. Crack down on Waste and Incompetence

Aucklanders deserve accountability and high performance from their Council. I will establish an Integrity Unit to investigate corruption, unacceptable conduct, and incompetence. This unit will report directly to me as your mayor. Aucklanders can be confident that their serious complaints will come to my desk for action.

5. Proper Partnership with Central Government

Aucklanders pay a huge part of the government’s costs. So why are Aucklanders forced to pay an extra fuel tax when no other region does? The present mayor should never have agreed to that. The huge infrastructure pressure on Auckland is the direct outcome of Central Government’s unplanned immigration, and Auckland ratepayers shouldn't have to pick up the entire bill. As the new mayor representing a third of the country, I will expect a more equal partnership especially with transport and housing.”

The above is from his website

Here is a radio interview I did with him on the topic.

Nb John Tamihere has said he is happy to co-sponsor this submission or support with letters from Waipereira Trust and the National Urban Maori Authority.
I have requested letters to include in this submission since I am not sure whether I can make him a co-sponsor at this stage.
Letters to be attached as soon as possible.

Here is his article from The Herald – mentioned earlier.

“John Tamihere: Shine a light on these costly creations

Columnist John Tamihere believes it's time to get clear disclosure about spending by Auckland Council-controlled organisations.
NZ Herald 9 Nov 2018

By: John Tamihere



The recent announcement by the Ports of Auckland that they have achieved consent to build a 17 metre five-storey car park to host imports has rightly caused an outcry among Auckland citizens.

In a June 4 2016 Herald article by Lincoln Tan, Phil Goff, who was on the mayoral campaign trail is quoted as saying: "My commitment is to restore Aucklanders access to this prime waterfront site, so that people, rather than imported cars get to enjoy its natural beauty."

Fast forward to November 2, 2018 to another Herald article by Simon Wilson. In it Simon says Goff says "I am expressly forbidden from interfering with the commercial decision making of the Port."

The ratepayer, through Auckland Council, owns the land and the company that runs the Ports of Auckland.

The council, as elected by the citizens, also appoints - and disappoint - the 8-member board that runs the Ports of Auckland. It is as simple as that.

But wait there's more. Simon says, in this article, let's blame Roger Douglas and his reforms from the 1980s for this predicament.

He would have you believe that the Ports of Auckland have been an independent company, owned in name only by the ratepayers for 30 years. If you believe that, I'll pay for your professional assistance. In addition, laws can be changed.

In another Herald article on 6 September this year, Bernard Orsman wrote: "Auckland Council's development arm (Panuku) has hired a partner and a second lawyer from a big city law firm at ratepayers' expense to fight its masters at council in court."
Are these Council-controlled organisation's out of control?

This column is about attempting to identify who actually controls Auckland City and the massive council-controlled organisations.

If what Mayor Goff says is truly held by him, then he has in my view abdicated any responsibility over virtually every major relationship the city has with its citizens.

I took this opportunity to screen every one of the six CCO annual reports and I'm deeply concerned at the significant lack of disclosure in those reports as to how $1.049 billion is expensed per year.

That figure comes from adding non-disclosed costs.

For example ATEED personnel costs are $21,857,000 yet their business expenditure was double that at $44,099,000. Auckland Transport had personnel costs of $123,578,000 but "other expenditures" of $668,689,000.

Panuku refused to disclose their numbers. Watercare had personnel costs of $69,332,000 but other expenditures of $144, 148,000. These figures are all about labour costs and not capital.

Alongside this, I would ask you to look at the graph and note that the mayor earns $200k less than one of the six CEOs and up to $500k less than the best-paid doyen.

I make the point, as usual, that every one of these chief executives and their council-appointed boards administer monopolies supported by the power of regulation.

They often try to make out that they are private sector and in a competitive environment. They manage and dispense significant authority and power, and if used in the wrong way, they can never be held to account.

The other notable thing about the numbers from the annual reports is that not one of the council controlled organisations has accurately identified the number of people that are ultimately employed, either by contract or consultancy.

An Auckland citizen looking to see how their ratepayer dollar is expensed appears to be purposely misinformed.

I repeat the tragic number of $1.049 billion that we need disclosure on via the 6 council-controlled organisations that we don't know who, where or what the money has been spent on. Now you start to understand why the late Penny Bright was so relentless on the council to open its books.

I have only looked at the 6 CCOs and have yet to count the true cost of the extra 7200 people employed under the umbrella of the parent Auckland Council.

Every 3 years, we think as citizens we might be able to have a say by electing local boards and a governing group of councillors overseeing all of this massive employment and expenditure.

As a member of the Finance and Expenditure Committee of Auckland City, from 2011-2016, I have witnessed documents placed before the governing board that are full of filtered and poor advice.

But at no times was that advice contested because the unelected CCO boards and their chief executives that run these billion-dollar-organisations always seem to ensure their non-contested recommendations are approved.

So while you are reading this article, as you are sitting in a traffic jam on the Northern, Southern or North Western Motorway or the Harbour Bridge, at least give thanks to the wonderful people who run this wonderful city who have given you plenty of time to build up your yoga and meditation skills while you are in the car waiting...waiting.

Salary of Auckland Mayor and 6 council-controlled organisation chief executives

Mayor Phil Goff: $280k
Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) CEO Nick Hill: $419k
Auckland Regional Facilities (ARF) CEO Chris Brookes: $479k
Panuku CEO Roger MacDonald: $569k
Auckland Transport (AT) CEO Shane Ellison: $579k
Watercare CEO Raveen Jaduram: $680k
Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson: $750k
Source: 2018 annual reports “


6. Submission in Support of Penny Bright

My name is Lisa Joy Prager, I live at 85 Garnet Rd, Westmere, Auckland 1022

For many years I have worked closely with Penny Bright to demand Auckland Council ‘open the books’ and follow the lawful due process: namely the Local Government Act 2002.

Both Penny & I believed in the essential principles of Open, Transparent and Accountable Local Governance as the cornerstone of our local democracy.

However, time and time again we witnessed the blatant disregard for the law by Auckland Council officers, contractors and the elected members themselves.

We would make submissions to the governing body of Auckland Council on many issues and every time we would be thanked for our presentation and our words totally dismissed.

We witnessed firsthand the illegal attempt by the four mayors of the Auckland region known as the Mayoral Forum (an organisation that had no legal standing) attempt to announce their intentions to set up a Super City without any public consultation.

Penny Bright and I were at that press conference where this plan was to be announced until I asked “under what legal authority do your four mayors think you have the right to restructure our local government?” They were shocked by this intrusion and were forced to withdraw this idea. Instead a Commission of Enquiry into local government was set up.

Hundreds of people made submissions at this enquiry and yet at the end of this process Rodney Hyde the then Minister of Local Government, refused to hold a binding referendum and the region was fused into one Super City without legal due process being followed.

In short the members for the Committee for Auckland representing all the biggest, construction, infrastructure and roading corporations in NZ, took control of our system by stealth.

We were told there would be lower rates due to an economy of scale. However, there was never any cost benefit analysis done.

In reality, rates have escalated and the CCO’s (council controlled organisations) have become their own fiefdoms unrestrained by the elected members.

In the case of Auckland Transport the two elected members on the board Mike Lee and Christine Fletcher were dumped from the board without explanation.

There is No accountability by the CCOs like Auckland Transport, Watercare Services and Auckland Property Ltd who operate at arms length from the Council with their own offices, staff, boardrooms and corporate structure.

The war over water charging, cycle ways and the selling off of millions of dollars of public assets went unchecked, while secret trading in derivates took place under CFO Andrew McKenzie’s watch.

Penny attended many anti corruption conferences in Australia and was asked to speak at the Hague in Europe. Her understanding of the global procurement market and the millions of dollars that were lost in bribes and kick backs fell on deaf ears.

The old boys & girls network took control and Auckland ceased to be a democracy rather it was taken over by a silent Corporate Coup .

Penny mounted a one woman rates revolt in order to draw attention to her concerns.

Many of us joined, but when council pressure & bulling became too great, threatening to take our homes and business we capitulated and paid our rates.

Penny refused to pay as a matter of principle and when the council finally attempted to sell her home by tender, the stress and pressure became too much.

She died of stomach cancer a couple of months later.

Penny was uncompromising, honest to a fault and deeply concerned that the ratepayers of Auckland were being bullied, abused and exploited.

There is an entire library of documents to support Penny Bright’s claims of corruption at Auckland Council and it’s CCO’s.

Currently in my own experience trying to save the Urban Forest behind Western Springs, I have discovered that all it takes is one man writing reports, that go unchallenged, that lead to the felling of over 300 healthy trees in 12 years.

In this case the Council has acted as if they are above the law suggesting they do not need a Resource Consent to:

a) Clear fell 200 remaining trees and cut a 3m hole in the Western Springs stadium wall.

As a result of our challenge the Council has been required to defend their position in a full Resource Consent hearing where Commissioners have asked for further information to justify themselves. This case is ongoing.

During the cycleway wars in West Lynn the lawlessness of the roading contractors lead to the West Lynn village debacle, where contractors made up the design as they went along. Auckland Transport has admitted they got it wrong, but still refuse to fix any of the 30+ road design and construction issues that have been documented in their own safety audit documents.

If I had the time and money to go back over the last 18 years that Penny and I worked to expose fraud and corruption at Auckland Council I would cover these topics:

1) Auckland Council and Auckland Transport has continued spraying of Round Up (a internationally proven carcinogen) in our streets every day for the last 25 years.

2) The sale of Public Assets like the Westhaven Marina, Pensioner Housing and the Council’s own administrative buildings in Greys Ave to a insider who has since turned them into luxury apartments.

3) The failure to hold a binding referendum into the creation of the SuperCity.

4) The overcharging of water and the proposed transfer of those funds into the general fund

5) The mining of (Blue Stone) curb stones in every street in Auckland. Which are resold, some to China (to be ground down and reconstituted into infrastructure pipes for underground cables)

6) The mining of the red aggregate chips, from our older inner city suburbs which was then on sold for sand paper manufacturing

7) The admission by current Auckland Council CEO Stephen Town that “Auckland Council has a policy of CREATING CONGESTION” (see affidavit of Mr. David Waters)

8) The construction of cycle ways to disrupt and destroy exiting village shopping centres e.g. West Lynn village, Torbay shops, Birkenhead, Mt Albert shops….to name a few

9) Auckland Council’s hand in cutting down more tree in Auckland than any other organisation.

10) Auckland Transport’s tree removal and redevelopment of Quay St in 2018 to create an on-road bus depo for private bus companies.

11) Auckland Council’s blind support of Mr.Ludo Campbell Reid and his obsessive philosophy to create congestion and full fill AGENDA 21

12) Auckland Transport’s support for a lobby group ‘ Bike Auckland ’ funded by the Waitamata Local Board, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport

13) Auckland Council’s involvement in the wilful damage and demolition of the historic category one building (known as the Paua Palace, Victoria St) in collusion with the Chow Brothers

14) The Tamaki Housing Redevelopment fraud. (See Penny Bright’s submissions)

15) The Western Springs Speedway controversy and the forced cancellation of Auckland Councils illegal plans to move it at a cost of $30million.

16) Derivatives trading by the Auckland Council under Andrew McKenzie watch.

17) Non repayable loans to Eden Park during John Bank’s reign.

18)The relationship between Sky City and Auckland Council.

19) The lack of due diligence over the procurement of the ASB building as the new council HQ and subsequent leaky building issues.

20) The road sealing contract across Auckland where only 100meters are done at a time to keep contracts under $100,000

21) The refusal by Auckland Council to OPEN the Books under the claim of Commercial Sensitivity to keep everything secret.

See below an affidavit from David Walters re Auckland’s CEO’s non democratic approach to force us out of cars. See below.

Lisa Joy Prager,
85 Garnet Rd,
Auckland 1022
Ph 0279008601
Email -

nb Lisa Prager also sent to me a
video of a presentation she did to council. The second half of it is especially relevant to this submission.

This submission was compiled by
Lisa Elizabeth Anne Er
1 Inaka Place
Auckland 0604
Ph 021777473
Email –


Ratepayers and Residents,
May 7, 2019, 5:31 AM