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20181204 Calling for Evidence of Auckland's Non-Compliance

20181204 To Ratepayers and Residents in Auckland : Call for evidence re Auckland Council's performance/financial accountability

Parliament's Governance and Administration Committee is calling for written evidence in support of two petitions lodged separately and independently in September 2018. 

Susan Wann's petition which asks 'that the House of Representatives conduct an independent inquiry into Auckland Council's performance, including financial accountability, and then pass legislation reforming Auckland's local government' attracted 792 signatures and was presented to parliament by Hon Tracey Martin on the 10th of September 2018.   "  "Auckland media is full of reports and letters identifying serious dysfunction in Auckland Council. Quality of life is affected by inferior new builds, incompetent drainage, inadequate infrastructure and public transport, and loss of democratic representation by Local Boards."    " 

Lisa Er's petition which asks  'that the House of Representatives undertake an urgent inquiry into whether Auckland Council has failed to comply with the statutory requirements of section 17(1) of the Public Records Act 2005' attracted 418 signatures and was presented to Parliament by Hon Nicky Kaye on 26th of September 2018.

Susan Wann writes :  
 "Please email me your detailed examples of projects, activities or behaviour of Auckland Council or one of its Council Controlled Organisations where a process was conducted outside the Local Government Act, and/or Auckland Council or one of its Council Controlled Organisation does not adhere to its own policies."

We have been given until the end of January 2019 to submit our evidence but it would be good have access to it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to enable us to collate it. 
Refusals to supply information may also be useful.  

Please send responses to 
 Susan Wann ( wannsusan@gmail.com ) and Lisa Er. ( lisa.er@theawarenessparty.com ) 
 and/or to us here at Ratepayers NZ @ ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com

Also - listen to Lisa Er's interview with John Tamihere : 
2018-12-05 John Tamihere: Auckland Council-Controlled Organisations lack of Transparency

Alan Preston - Mangawhai 2018-12-04. 

Please check to see if your organisation is listed on the  www.ratepayersandresidents.org.nz  website, 
and let us know by if you'd like to add/update or change anything:  ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com