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20180510 Press Release from Penny

Press Release from Penny Bright

For immediate release.

I, Penny Bright, was diagnosed yesterday with stage 3 ovarian cancer, which is apparently incurable and inoperable.

The fighter in me says - we shall see about THAT!

The massive stress I have been subjected to over the forced sale of my freehold home has gone straight to my gut.

The only person with the lawful authority to commence the forced sale of a freehold home under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002, is Auckland Council CEO Stephen Town, who showed his obvious bias towards me in October 2014, when he stated in a very widely publicised Press Release “Ms Bright has made wild and inaccurate accusations about the Council and its probity...” (without ever providing any evidence to substantiate that statement.)

On Monday 14 May 2018, there will be a 2 hour hearing for this Interim Injunction Application- to stop the sale, seeking a Judicial Review of the processes and procedures that led to CEO Stephen Town initiating this forced rating sale of my freehold home.

As a citizen of NZ - I am entitled under the NZ Bill Of Rights 1990, section 27 to the right to justice in dealing with any public authority.

I want to win this Interim Injunction to STOP the forced rating sale of my home, and for a Judicial Review to help ensure what I have been through happens to no other citizen.

What Auckland Council could have and should have done was to secure the Judgment Debt over my property, as did Auckland City Council- who then gave me a ‘Good Citizen’s Award’ for my work in fighting water privatisation and for more transparency in Council contracting.

“Perennial protester Penny Bright - arrested 22 times, often at Auckland City Council meetings - has received a "Good Citizen" award from a council community board, The Aucklander reports.

The outgoing Eden Albert Community Board's chairman, Christopher Dempsey, says the controversial character is being honoured for focusing attention on water privatisation and pushing for transparency in council contracting.”

HEARING DETAILS: Penny Bright vs Auckland Council CIV- 2018- 404 -753 Auckland High Court Waterloo Quadrant Monday 14 May 2018 10am


Penny Bright - 021 211 4127