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Christchurch City Council

                          2019 Local Government Elections ( 12th of October 2019 )
                          for more information, go to the Christchurch City Council's website here

Cancern's  list of member Ratepayers and Residents' groups in Christchurch

Community Information Christchurch's list of Residents groups
Addington Neighbourhood Association

Akaroa Community & County Ratepayers Association Inc

Claire: 021-221-2533

Nigel Dixon : (03) 383-1530

Residents' groups around the Halswell area

Hamilton Ave and Otara Street Residents Association Chairperson - Doug Archbold  archbold@xtra.co.nz

 Merivale Precinct Society Chairperson - Chris Aynsley  chris@aynsley.co.nz

( 'In recess' since early 2017 )

Yaldhurst Rural Residents Association
Chairperson - Sara Harnett-Kikstra  yaldhurstruralresidents@gmail.com

(this group is shared with the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board area, so they may include it with their list too!)