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Waitākere Ranges Local Board


WaitakereGardens Residents Association Incorporated

Waitakere Residents and Ratepayers Association Incorporated

TeHenga / Bethells Beach Community Committee

Swanson Rural Village Support Group

Swanson Residents and Ratepayers Association ( no website found )

PO Box 95-012 Swanson Waitakere City

Henderson Valley Residents Association Incorporated
David Spriggs (9) 837 4544
www.thevalleyview.co.nz   info@thevalleyview.co.nz


Karekare Residents and Ratepayers Trust.
09 8128153  ( called  20150626 )


Titirangi Residents for Balanced Sustainable Resource Management

Tieke Horring PO Box 60-031 Titirangi

South Titarangi Residents and Ratepayers Association

Robert Richards : richardsbrh@xtra.co.nz  ( confirmed 20150625 )

Laingholm District Citizens Association

Huia Cornwallis Ratepayers & Residents Association contact@hcrr.org.nz  

Paturoa Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association

The Waitakere Ranges Combined Residents And Ratepayer Associations Group


M. Allen 91 Daffodil Street Titirangi Waitakere City

If you know of any Ratepayers and Residents' Associations that aren't listed here ,
please send their contact details to us here at : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com
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