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Over sixty years have passed since we won freedom after a prolonged, bitter, painful yet courageous and cheerful struggle. The struggle for independence was indeed a high watermark in the history of our civilisation. However, revivalist forces have slowed down in the past few decades. A general decline in moral values is witnessed in today’s India.

Degeneration is noticeable in almost all walks of life. The diseases of ignorance, selfishness, corruption, intoleration, casteism, communalism, separatism, opportunism, violence and rampant commercialization are on the ascendant. Poverty, hunger, malnourishment, illiteracy and exploitation are still the order of the day. Bad roads, poor water supply & electricity, worsening law & order, the ‘I don’t care about you’ attitude of politicians and above all the indifference of the Common Man towards all this.

How long do we allow this disorder to continue?? Should we betray the great sacrifices of our reformers, freedom fighters and revolutionaries? Is this the India dreamt by the Ram Mohan Rays, the Vivekanandas, and the Vidyasagars? Is this the India for which the Lakshmibais, the Bhagat Singhs, the Azads and the Tilaks sacrificed their lives? Is this the India for which the Mahatma, the Nehrus and the Subhash Boses dedicated there lives to?? Do we let things go to dogs???

Rashtrotthan Sankalp is an initiative of the conscious people of India, who believe in action. Our aim is to cleanse the present rotten social and political system completely. Rashtrotthan Sankalp is a socio-political movement comprising of people from different walks of life.

Rashtrotthan Sankalp is committed to community and national service. Rashtrotthan Sankalp has a comprehensive agenda to do just about anything and everything to rid our civilisation of the malaise that has caught up with it. Rashtrotthan Sankalp provides a platform to all those who are eager to make a difference to the society by their efforts. We join forces with all like-minded men, women and organisations to strive for the goal of a socially, economically, politically & morally developed India, a transformed progressive India, a prosperous India, a resurgent India.