I worked out I’d need abou
t 20 N*cm torque to drag my camera about - the motor came from Ebay, and runs on 4 AA batteries. It's powerful enough to lift the camera vertically too so allows for a variety of positions. Update: in testing while the motor will lift the camera, the load seems quite high. I may upgrade the motor to something a little more powerful.


I wanted this to be light and strong. I sourced 1 metre long aluminium U-tubes from Homebase. The edge pieces are aluminium trim, also from Homebase.


An aluminium sheet did the job here, allowing me to mount the motor securely. More of the aluminium U tubes made up the connection to the rails. I didn’t use any wheels as I wanted the platform to stop quickly after each movement.

Camera mount

A cheap one from Jessops did the job, it’s a basic ball mount for a tripod. I'll probably upgrade this at some point.

Timing belt/pulley

Another ebay purchase, the timing belt was originally for a large printer of some kind, but perfect for my needs. This is held in place with more sections of the U tube acting as a locking mechanism.